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TURAPÜR Water Pitcher


Click the button for our special offer! DISCLAIMER–while I LOVE this water pitcher (and use it myself, every single day) you will get some weird emails (and a lot of them!) from the company that makes them. Do what I do–unsubscribe and keep the email for filters in a folder for future use. OR simply delete, but their headlines are even provocative and I suggest a general unsubscribe! 🙂

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  • i have one of these and love it , i had purr filter pitcher and i can tell you the tsiste of the water is much better and different.

  • Michaele H. Ali

    this is a very expensive free offer and there is no mention of the price of refill filters or how long they last

  • VAharleywitch

    Might work wonders, but at that price tag, it’s beyond my family’s means. With respect to the awesome changes to ‘family dinners’ Leanne’s done – the things she’s promoting outside of menus are expensive (this pitcher, the olive oil subscription, her online cooking classes)