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BRAND NEW!! Get Carb Arrest at Introductory Pricing!

Introducing our newest supplement, Carb Arrest!

If carbs are your thing, then you need to know about this supplement, stat!

Carb Arrest contains a unique blend of three ingredients that have been shown to reduce digestion of starches and absorption of sugar while improving digestion of protein containing foods!

Free of stimulants, Carb Arrest won’t cause gastric upset because of the proprietary blend.

Being able to control your carb absorption may the missing link for so many—check out the ingredients:

  1.  White Bean Enzyme. The research shows that this enzyme appears to prevent starch digestion by blocking access in the intestine. In other words, your body doesn’t absorb it and instead, eliminates it. Inhibiting carbohydrate digestion can reduce caloric intake AND support weight (loss) and lipid management.
  2. Green Coffee Extract. Chlorogenic acid, an organic compound with antioxidant properties, has been shown (in randomized, clinical trials) to support weight loss and reduce body fat. This compound reduces sugar absorption in the gut and triglyceride accumulation in the liver.
  3. BioCore Pro. This blend of proteases (basically enzymes that process protein) will optimize protein digestion and will support the first two ingredients to improve digestion.

Carb Arrest may benefit:

*Weight Loss: by reducing calories absorbed from carbohydrates and lowering insulin

*Blood Sugar Control: by lowering the sugar impact of carbohydrates

*The management of diabetes/pre-diabetes/metabolic syndrome

*High Triglycerides

*Preventing regain of weight after a weight loss program

*Healthy aging—as a result of controlling calories via carbohydrate restriction

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Disclaimer: If you are pregnant or nursing, you should never use any supplement/vitamin without the express permission of your healthcare provider. We strongly advise everyone to always check with your healthcare provider to make sure any supplement is right for you.