Re-Boot Camp!

leannesummerHave you ever just had to stop what you were doing on the computer and reboot the whole system? You tried not to--you kept opening and closing different windows, tried a new browser--everything, except the reboot.

Then you realize you HAVE to reboot or you're not going to be able to get your work done!

THAT is exactly how it is with the human body--especially for women who are interested in living healthier, taking off a few pounds, getting their fitness on...a reboot is exactly what the doctor ordered (or the Dinner Diva in this case!).

The biggest fail I've ever had trying to "diet" and "exercise" is the weekends. I'm strict and careful during the week, but then Friday night comes and...

Game OFF!

That's why I created our ALL NEW Re-Boot Camp!

15 Days, 5 days on, 2 days off for 3 weeks.

The Re-Boot Camp has all the food, the recipes, the shopping lists, the exercises (I'll show you exactly what I do!) and a private Facebook group for support, encouragement and inspiration.

I'll show you how to cheat on the weekends without blowing your 5 days of hard work up, plus you'll get my secret cocktail recipes for the weekend that not only taste delish, but won't add the pounds on the way other cocktails do!


It's time y'all!!

*Re-Boot Camp is 3 weeks long--however, we give you the weekend "off" and show you how to cheat without blowing it entirely.

*5 days on/2 days off. My suggestion is you are a good girl all day Friday, then Friday night till Sunday afternoon, you're off and start back on Sunday night.

*Exercises are included--I'll show you my own routine!

*Private FB group for encouragement, success and inspiration!

Normally $77, but Marked Down To $27

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

OrderRe-Boot Camp today.  If your first menu – or any menu ever – doesn’t deliver tasty, healthy meals that have received overwhelming positive reviews, you can tell us to take a hike!