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Perfect Paleo Protein
Made with hydrolyzed beef protein and has the flavor, feel and consistency of whey protein without the dairy! This new Perfect Paleo Protein is SO GOOD, it will blow you away! Plus it’s 97% pure protein, easily digested with no tummy upset, no allergens and completely clear of any hormones, antibiotics, etc. The beef comes from happy cows raised in Sweden! Click to see the label

FiberMender 2.0
A 100% paleo compliant fiber product. Introducing FiberMender 2.0 with 4 grams of fiber, probiotics and glucomannan (a fabulous appetite suppressant!) FiberMender 2.0 features 12 different types of fiber and none of the allergenic proteins or harsh, irritating components commonly found in other fiber products on the market.  FiberMender 2.0 may be a helpful tool to support weight management, glucose levels, and lipid levels.  Click to see the label

Just Juiced Greens
This is the best greens product EVER! HIGHLY highly recommended, this product is organic, GMO free and intense nutrition. It’s pure juiced greens, carefully dried to preserve nutrients and no alfalfa (which can be problematic for those of us with autoimmune disorders).  There are no inexpensive fillers or bulking agents such as fiber, whole grasses, pectin, rice bran, and/or flax.  Click to see the label



Chocolate Perfect Paleo Protein, FiberMender 2.0, Just Juiced Greens. (Retail $161 - Save 10%)


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Vanilla Perfect Paleo Protein, FiberMender 2.0, Just Juiced Greens.(Retail $161 - Save 10%)


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