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January 4, 2012

How to Succeed With Your Eating at Home Resolution

Dear Friends,

How about it, did you make a few New Year’s resolutions this year? Was one of them to eat at home more often, save money or get healthier, thinner or more organized?

What if I told you that having dinner at home will accomplish ALL of those things? Seriously! Dinner at home is one of the most powerful tools in a family’s arsenal.

Let me explain.

First, eating at home is obviously less expensive than eating out and much healthier. There’s two of your resolutions. Our actual customers have told us using our menus have helped them lose weight, get healthier and actually save their lives! Check this out:

Dear Leanne,

I wanted to send you a note to let you know that your menus have saved our lives. I have been getting them for awhile however we always used the regular menu and were not that faithful. Anyway about 4 months ago my husband went in for his annual physical and his cholesterol was very high, and his triglycerides were almost 400. The doctor immediately wanted to put him on medication. My husband does not like to take any medication so he asked the doctor if he could please have 8 weeks to get it down with diet. The doctor agreed. Long story short, we started immediately using the heart healthy menus faithfully. We stopped eating out, stopped eating processed foods, and replaced oil and butter with olive oil.

He went back for his recheck 2 months later and his blood work all came back normal and we feel better than we have in years. We have really enjoyed trying all the recipes. We are eating things we never would have tried before. I now feel like my cooking is keeping us healthy and fit. Here we are 4 months later and my husband has lost 25 lbs. I have lost 20 lbs. We are still faithfully using the menu mailers but I switch back and forth between heart healthy and body clutter. We do occasionally go out to dinner again but now we make healthier options.

I would not have known where to start without It truly has saved our lives! Thank you so much. I tell all of my friends about your menu mailer when they ask me how we lost the weight. I would encourage people to use the healthy heart menu to learn how to eat healthy.


Michele D

Leanne here again: I just want you to know this is all within YOUR grasp as well, it’s not just for Michele and her family. It’s for YOU too.

Today we’re offering menus that will get you back into the kitchen, faithfully making dinner. But the big difference is you can DOUBLE your efforts and make one for now, bag up that same recipe at the same time, stick it in the freezer for later. We call these babies Now and Later Menus–Volumes 1 & 2 with delicious recipes like Roman Chicken, Pork Chops Marabella and South American Beef and Noodle Pot. 12 recipes in all–the instructions will help you get an easy meal in the freezer for the future!

Then we have our fabulous Cook Once, Eat Twice Menu–more deliciousness via that wonderful appliance, the crockpot! So get this; Slow Cooker Winter Veggies and Beef morphs into Asian Beef Lettuce Wraps. You only have to cook this recipe once, now you’re recreating it and bringing it new life! No one will ever know they’re eating leftovers! 10 recipes in all, these recipes ROCK!

And lastly, how about a Rubber Chicken? You know what that is, you stretch one puny chicken into three meals? We give that same capacity to not just the chicken, but pork, beef and fish, too: 12 recipes in all.

So there you have it: tools to getting dinner on the table, getting your resolutions underway and getting rid of the guilt that comes with calling the pizza guy (again). You can do this; we’re here to help! This bundle of goodies is just $27, that’s over 30% off! That’s it, 27 bucks of meal plans, not just recipes. Meal plans to make dinner happen.

Get yours now and you too can be sharing your success story with us very soon! ===> $27 <===


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