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Chopped Vegetables and Cheese in Freezer Bags

February 12, 2015

How to optimize freezer space

By: Leanne Ely   If there’s an avalanche of food spilling out of the freezer compartment of your refrigerator every time you open it, or if stuff is buried so deep in your chest freezer that you’ve stopped even trying to search for things, it’s time to get your freezer situation under control! When your… Read more


June 5, 2014

How to avoid going off track

By: Leanne Ely   It can happen to the best of us—a healthy eating regimen completely derails for whatever reason. Life is hard! Things happen. People get sick, work gets chaotic, life just gets out of control from time to time and with that, one of the first things to go by the wayside is… Read more


March 4, 2014

Parsley – Not Just Another Pretty Decoration

By: Leanne Ely Welcome to Tricks, Tips and a Recipe, our regular Tuesday installment where you’ll learn a tip or a trick and you’ll get a great recipe to try it out with. Doesn’t get much better than that, now does it? Today’s focus is on PARSLEY. Parsley, the world’s most popular herb, is a… Read more

freezer burn

March 3, 2014

Hot tips to avoid freezer burn

By: Leanne Ely Have you ever removed a tray of meat from the freezer only to find discoloration and ice crystals? If you’ve forgotten about a carton of ice cream in the freezer for any length of time, you may have opened it to find its surface covered in ice. Freezer burn, we tend to… Read more

Freezer meals, stocked freezer, what's for dinner?

July 29, 2013

If you can’t stand the heat, use your freezer!

Food For Thought If you can’t stand the heat, use your freezer! By Leanne Ely If you’re anything like me, sometimes you are just plain fed up with feeding people. Meal planning, grocery shopping, chopping, peeling, roasting, boiling, eating, coercing the children into eating their vegetables, cleaning up the pots and pans only to do… Read more


April 8, 2013

Keep your cool with these meat storage tips

Food For Thought Keep your cool with these meat storage tips By: Leanne Ely Hello Friends, I got some great feedback on a post I shared recently about how to maximize the life of your produce by learning where to store it in the fridge. So, I thought it would be a great idea to… Read more


April 6, 2012

More from Dear Dinner Diva

Healthy Foods More from Dear Dinner Diva By: Leanne Ely We get a lot of questions and we answer the good ones! If you have a good one, send it on to dinner diva at saving dinner dot com (altogether, use symbols) On to the questions– Dear Dinner Diva, Please make a “Printer Friendly” version… Read more


December 19, 2011

Menu Planning Tips to Keep Your Holidays Jolly

Food For Thought Menu Planning Tips to Keep Your Holidays Jolly by Leanne Ely, CNC In the hustle-bustle of the holidays, it is so easy to have good intentions go awry. Every year the reminder that you need to get on the stick and get organized to make the holidays happen, is exacerbated by the… Read more


November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Freezing Tips

Healthy Foods Thanksgiving Freezing Tips by Leanne Ely, CNC Here is a question I received that I believed warranted answering for everyone— Hi- I LOVE “Saving Dinner”! My husband loves the food even more. Here is my question: how feasible is it to freeze any Thanksgiving side-dishes in advance (ie cranberry sauce, casseroles, even stuffing)?… Read more


September 23, 2011

Guide to Buying Grass-fed Beef

Healthy Foods Guide to Buying Grass-fed Beef By Leanne Ely, CNC The “best” beef hands down, is grass-fed beef. It’s the best option for a couple of reasons: it’s better for the earth and it’s better for your health and well-being. It’s better for the earth because it produces better soil when you allow cattle… Read more