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sweet potato

February 14, 2014

Sweet on sweet potatoes

By: Leanne Ely With this being Valentine’s Day it’s fitting that we talk about one of my most beloved foods. I’ve always enjoyed putting sweet potatoes on the dinner table but since I’ve gone Paleo, these nutrient-rich tubers are featured menu items at my house more often than ever. Sweet potatoes are much more nutritious… Read more


February 7, 2014

Just for the dill of it

By: Leanne Ely Fresh dill is one of my very favorite herbs. It just tastes like summer to me. Maybe that goes back to the taste of a dill pickle sliced onto a grilled hamburger! I love the look of dill’s wispy green leaves and its sweet soft taste. I chop dill into salads and… Read more

Ripe tomatoes and tomato paste

February 4, 2014

DIY Tomato Paste

By: Leanne Ely I love how a couple of tablespoons of rich, wonderful tomato paste adds such a deep tomato flavor to whatever it’s added to. I haven’t met a tomato sauce that didn’t love tomato paste! Tomato paste is an excellent source of potassium, B vitamins, iron and the potent antioxidant lycopene. Studies show… Read more

Bay Leaves Medicinal and Dietary

January 30, 2014

Hooray for Bay Leaves

By: Leanne Ely Once upon a time in Rome, bay leaves—which grow on the sweet bay or laurel tree—were used to make laurel wreaths (like the one you see Apollo wearing when depicted in illustrations). Besides headwear, bay leaves have been used throughout history as a medicinal herb. At one time, bay leaves were used… Read more

Macadamia nuts-paleo

January 29, 2014

One of nature’s perfect snacks: Macadamia nuts

By: Leanne Ely Just like eggs, coconuts and avocados, macadamia nuts have gotten a bit of a bad rep over the years due to their high fat content. As we now know, however, all of these foods (eggs, coconuts, avocados and nuts) are very nutritious, and the fat they contain is monounsaturated fat, the kind… Read more

Chef Wearing Black and White Uniform Holding Fresh Butter Lettuce

January 24, 2014

Butter lettuce for strong bones and teeth

By: Leanne Ely Butter lettuce is a frequently used leafy green in my home and in the home of Paleoistas everywhere. You often find butter lettuce in a plastic container (there are known as clamshells) in the produce aisle of your grocery store and most of the time it’s alive, still attached to its root.… Read more


January 17, 2014

Don’t go Paleo on your own! Take our challenge!

By: Leanne Ely The start of a new year is a natural time to try something new and, in many cases, that “something new” has something to do with changing the way we eat. I am not going to bore you with statistics, but I have a hunch that most resolutions involve eating more vegetables,… Read more

Canned Artichoke Hearts-sm

January 16, 2014

Open a can of artichoke hearts

By: Leanne Ely While fresh, buttery artichokes would always be my top pick, when they’re not in season, canned artichokes make a fine substitution. Canned artichokes are a more affordable option than fresh, and they can also taste better (there’s nothing more frustrating than getting down to the heart of a fresh artichoke and finding… Read more


January 10, 2014

Nutritious, delicious scallops!

By: Leanne Ely There are few types of seafood that get more squeals of delight when presented on the dinner table than scallops. These delicious, two-hinged mollusks come in two types: big, succulent sea scallops and smaller, less expensive bay scallops. I like using sea scallops for pan searing and bay scallops in soups. Because… Read more

January 3, 2014

Pretty up your dinner table with Flower Sprouts®

By: Leanne Ely There’s a new vegetable on the block and if you spot it on your travels, I highly recommend that you try it. Flower Sprouts® are a gorgeous cross between kale and Brussels sprouts. They look like tiny little cabbages with streaks of purple on frilly green leaves. This vegetable was developed with… Read more