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May 29, 2014

10 ways to serve boneless chicken breasts for a quick and healthy dinner

By: Leanne Ely   Chicken breasts are a great starting point for a delicious and healthy meal. They’re a very lean source of protein and an excellent item to serve to your family on a regular basis. And I promise you that there’s an endless number of ways you can cook chicken breasts so that… Read more


May 19, 2014

The FDA’s dirty secret (ugh!)

By: Leanne Ely   Have you heard about Stevia In The Raw? This brand sweetener appears to be healthy. It says on the box that it is “100% natural” and that it contains zero calories. You might even have some of this “healthy” sweetener in your kitchen to help you curb your sugar addiction. But… Read more


April 8, 2014

My heart skips a beat for beets

By: Leanne Ely   It’s time once again for Tricks, Tips and a Recipe. Today you’ll learn a tip, a trick and you’ll get a great recipe to try it out with. Neat, huh? Today’s focus is on: BEETS There’s nothing like a gorgeous purple beet sliced onto a salad, roasted in the oven, or… Read more

slow cooker stuffed peppers-sm

March 20, 2014

Surprising things to prepare in your slow cooker

By: Leanne Ely   I’m all about making dinner easy, and I’m all about taking as much help as I can get. My slow cooker is one of my most used kitchen items. It really surprises me how so many folks out there aren’t using this convenient little appliance. I think part of the reason… Read more

Caroline's Crockpot Cheesy CauliflowerRECIPE.jpg

February 25, 2014

Calling all Cauliflower!

By: Leanne Ely It’s time once again for Tricks, Tips and a Recipe. Today you’ll learn a tip, a trick and you’ll get a great recipe to try it out with. Isn’t that great? Today’s focus is on: CAULIFLOWER Also known as Cabbage Flower, cauliflower is a member of the Brassica family of veggies, well-known… Read more

mahi mahi

February 18, 2014

Firm White Fish

By: Leanne Ely Today’s Focus is Mahi Mahi Many Menu-Mailer subscribers have asked, “What is firm white fish?” I’ve been using that term for years without thinking twice about how everyone might not know what I mean. I always want to give you the option to choose and if I mention “firm white fish” there… Read more

Tropical Blend Smoothie

January 14, 2014

Cuckoo for coconut water

By: Leanne Ely Like most Paleoistas, I’m nuts about coconuts. Coconuts are relied on quite heavily for those of us following a Paleo lifestyle. I cook with coconut oil, I drink coconut milk and I add coconut water to my daily smoothie. Coconut water is the liquid you find inside a coconut. The water of… Read more

December 12, 2013

Let’s hash it out!

Dinner Diva Let’s hash it out! By: Leanne Ely I love leftovers. And one of my favorite ways to use leftovers is by turning them into a simple and satisfying hash. (Here’s a piece of trivia for you! The word “hash” comes from the french word “hache,” which means chopped.) In foodie terms, hash is… Read more

December 5, 2013

Double-dosing on bone broth

Dinner Diva Double-dosing on bone broth By: Leanne Ely Bone broth is one of the most nutritious things you can put in your body. Made by simmering animal bones in water over the course of 36-72 hours, bone broth is a delicious, healing elixir. All those minerals from the bones are infused into the liquid… Read more

November 27, 2013

Turkey Carcass Soup

Dinner Diva Turkey Carcass Soup By: Leanne Ely Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hands up if you have a turkey in the oven today or if you plan to have a turkey in the oven at some point over the next couple of days. I know you’re probably not thinking about what to do with that leftover… Read more