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Dear Friends,
Yep, it’s that time…everyone is running out of All-in-One Smoothie Mix and they want MORE! Don’t worry, we have a way to get you more and to do it for 10% less than you’ll normally pay! It’s our Smoothie Club! You’re going to love it…not only do you get 10% off from now on (on our All-in-One Smoothie Mix and our FiberMender too!), plus you’ll get our new Smoothie Recipe ebooks each month as well!Join Saving Dinner's Smoothie Club
Find out more here!
PS: This isn’t just for people who need to reorder! Anyone can join!
PPS: Forgot to mention that you also will have access to the 10 Day Smoothie Detox Challenge if you’re new! Here’s what Becky had to say about the Challenge:
My results from the 10 day challenge are that I lost 7.5 pounds and I feel better than I have felt in a long time. I’m not sure I want to go back to eating the foods that I have eliminated during the challenge…. And that is amazing to say considering that I dearly love dairy (cheese!) and other foods that I have been doing without! I have a medical test coming up in a couple of weeks and I’m considering remaining on this detox until after the test… I am VERY glad that I have taken this challenge and I highly recommend it!” Join here!

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