10 Years of Saving Dinner ~ Thank You!!

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Dear Friends,

SavingDinner.com is officially TEN YEARS OLD as of next week! You’ve been with me for a long time and as a THANK YOU to you for your continued support I’m holding our second annual virtual clearance sale; a jaw-dropping sale like none you have seen.

Until midnight on December 31st (that’s New Year’s Eve day), you can get 3 different Super Bundles of our menus all for at least HALF OFF:

Super Bundle 1: The Freezer Bundle.

You get:

5 for the Freezer Burgers
5 for the Freezer Chili
5 for the Freezer Meatloaf
20 for the Freezer Gluten Free
20 for the Freezer Low Carb
20 for the Freezer Veggie

Not $75, but just $27 that’s a 64% savings!!


Super Bundle 2: The Family Dinner Bundle.
You get:

Pizza e-Cookbook
Ultimate Mix e-Cookbook
Fast or Slow e-Cookbook

Not $61 but just $27 – that’s a savings of 56%!!


Super Bundle #3. Saving The Day Bundle.
You get:

Saving Breakfast/Lunch Bundle
Emergency Pantry Menu Bundle
Ten for $10
Tips Tricks & a Recipe Vol. 1-2

Not $72 but just $27 that’s a savings of 63%!!


Now, if you REALLY want to take advantage of this sale, you’ll want the Whole Enchilada; all THREE of these bundles rolled together for $77 (regularly $208). That is a savings of way over HALF OFF!!

If you get the Whole Enchilada for more than HALF OFF, you’ll also get FIVE gifts that you will absolutely love:

  • Bonus 1: CrockCooker e-cookbook Volume 2
    with over 200 crockpot-friendly recipes, plans and shopping lists, too!
  • Bonus 2: Frugal e-cookbook
    with 288 recipes, menus & shopping lists to help families save money!
  • Bonus 3: Veggie e-cookbook
    with 288 recipes with weekly plans & shopping lists; delicious for all!
  • Bonus 4: Menu-Mailer for Two e-cookbook
    for singles or empty nesters, 288 recipes with everything!
  • Bonus 5: Body Clutter e-cookbook
    240 recipes help you make healthy choices for breakfast & lunch!

    Can you believe we’re giving you $185 of freebies just in the five bonuses? WHEW!

That’s a lot of goodies…and you get them all FREE when you get the Whole Enchilada for $77.
Go here right now and claim your bundles before they’re all gone! CLICK HERE



P.S. This special sale ends at midnight December 31st. If you want to get these amazing bundles and save over 50%, then go here NOW: CLICK HERE


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  1. Do you have samples of your recipes around? I know that I have bought recipes from America before and found them very different foods to what I’m used to (I’m in Australia), so would hate to spend money and then not use the recipes!

    1. Check her blog for TTR (Tips, Tricks & a Recipe) for samples. You can also google her name to find a few that people have posted on their blogs. All her recipes are common fresh foods and quick to prepare.

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