Get 194 crock recipes for the price of 24!

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Dear Friends,
Few culinary inventions, in my humble opinion, have been as important as the crock cooker. For the majority of us, the slow cooker is the closest we’re going to get to having a fairy godmother in the kitchen.

If you’ve been less than inspired when it comes to crock cooking lately, I should warn you that you’re about to feel the urge to reach through your computer monitor and give me a big hug!
Brand new today, we have our Crock Cooker Paleo Menu! (But no one needs to know it’s Paleo! Seriously, they’re just great recipes.) Throw a few ingredients into your faithful crock cooker and ta da! you’ll be dishing up a Tomato Roast Beef in no time. Then there’s Creamy Crab Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, Lamb and Vegetable Curry, Sweet and Tangy Onion Chops and Easy Lemon Herb Chicken… these easy recipes will have your family begging for seconds!
No more racing home from work on a cold winter’s day, fretting over what to make for dinner when you finally settle in for the evening. I’ve done all the thinking for you, and your crock cooker will do the cooking. All you need is our Crock Cooking Bundle of Warmth!
Crock Cooking Bundle of Warmth –> $27!
I just know you’re going to love our all new Paleo Crock Cooker Ebook. It has four weeks of recipes (six recipes per week) for a total of 24 new dishes to try—complete with categorized shopping lists!
As a special gift to you, when you buy Paleo Crock Cooker Ebook, we’re also going to send you all three volumes of Crock Cooker Ebook – Winter Menus! Each of those menus includes at least ten weeks of recipes, all delightfully warm, comforting meals, perfect for winter.
In Volume 1, enjoy 60 recipes including Chicken Tortilla Soup, Greek Stifado and Garlicky Spare Ribs. Volume 2 will teach you 50 new meals like Chili Verde Pork, Cream of Broccoli Soup and Basic Beef Stew. With Volume 3, 60 more recipes will help you master such dishes as In the Navy Beans, Fruited Chicken and Turkey Pot-Pie. That’s an extra 170 recipes you can make—all in the crock cooker!
Becca loved these Ebooks so much, she sent us this testimonial:
Thanks so much for such a creative and easy method for meals! We’ve really enjoyed our menus and last night’s crock chicken recipe actually elicited groans of delight.
With shopping lists, weekly menus and these groan-worthy and healthy recipes all packaged up for you, we’ve removed an enormous amount of the family dinner burden off your shoulders. Now you’ll only have to figure out who will be responsible for the dishes and you’re all set! (Trust me! If I could develop an Ebook that could do the cleanup, I would!)
So don’t wait! Pull out that crock cooker and put it to work with 194 fabulous recipes!
Order the new Paleo Crock Cooker Ebook now and enjoy the complete collection of three Crock Cooker Ebook – Winter Menus for F.REE. That’s a total value of $62 and for a limited time, you can have it all for just $27.
===> $27 <===
PS: This sale will be gone before you know it – don’t let it go!  ===> $27 <===

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