28-Day Break Free Blog


Day 8

Getting easier, but it’s a pain when you travel! Going to the mountains this weekend means carting a lot of my own food, but honestly, it’s all worth it.

I feel SO MUCH better, I can’t even begin to explain. My digestion is incredible, my skin is finally clear and the pounds are coming off. I know I lost 2 pounds as of 2 days ago and I haven’t weighed since, but it comes off in ounces not pounds. I’ll give it a few days before I weigh again.

I have to tell you though, the digestion part is the best. Not having stressed out digestion (I honestly didn’t know I did before; NOW it’s so apparent) makes all the difference in the world. It makes me FEEL better. Clean and flat-bellied. (well, not quite, but I do feel like that!)

The food is easy, the soup rocks (and really helps a TON) and it’s so simple to do. Even traveling. Just pack up your stuff and go. That’s what I’m doing right now!

Join me. Seriously. If you have any of the “issues” we’ve discussed before, get on this journey with me. What a difference and I’ve got 20 days to go!

Day 6

Leanne here… So I’m officially on day 6 of the 28 Day Break Free Plan. It’s been easier than I thought to eschew dairy, soy, peanuts, egg and gluten. I really thought I’d be a whiny mess, but instead I’m reaping the benefits!

What benefits you ask? Well, how’s about nearly clear skin, 2 pounds gone, better digestion (I could gross you out with some graphic potty talk, but that’s not cool) and a feeling of fullness and satisfaction—not constantly going to the kitchen to see what I can graze on. Gotta love that!

I still have another 22 days to go—but I’m loving how this is making me feel so far.
That’s all for now, maybe tomorrow I’ll take a picture of my pretty Breakfast-in-a-Glass and do a show-and-tell!

DAY 1Leanne

Okay, today officially begins the first of the 28 Day Break Free Plan. I’m very much looking forward to this.

Tuesday, I was diagnosed with rosacea at my dermatologist’s office and after speaking with JJ about it, she told me definitely avoid gluten and dairy (yep, knew that; I tell my coaching clients the same thing who have the same malady!) and that it’s a result of my “massive leaky gut”. What’s a leaky gut? Well…

When you are eating food that irritates and provokes your digestive tract, you essentially put little tears and holes in the lining causing food to “leak” out of your gut, which in turn, causes your immune system to then attack that food like a foreign invader. In a word, your impaired digestive tract turns on you!

I did the testing and found out that I have severe reactions to: almonds, peanuts, cantaloupe, cashew, corn, eggs, lobster, orange, shrimp, soybeans and tomatoes. Let me tell you, every single thing on that list, I love and eat (except soy, but I do eat soy sauce when I eat sushi, don’t I?). The eggs, orange, tomatoes and shrimp I eat and often. The others not as much, but it doesn’t matter. Out they all go for at least 28 days; I need to give my gut time to heal!

Listen, there are a lot of important things happening down there; this is where you get your nutrition, folks! The integrity of your digestive tract has got to be in TIP TOP shape in order for you to get everything you can out of your food.

So today I start. Yesterday I shopped, today I cook and follow the plan. Are you with me? I hope so!


Nikki here…..Nikki

So Leanne just called and asked me when I was going to go shopping and start the 28-day Break Free Plan for myself? You know that little nagging voice that constantly tells you that you really SHOULD do something to improve your quality of life (like exercise and eat healthy) that you constantly tell to sit down and shut up? Yeah, well, that’s my boss and it’s a little harder to say that to her. 🙂 Especially when you know she’s right.

So I have been looking over the list of symptoms:

  • Skin problems – rosacea, eczema, acne, rashes (yep I have some of those)
  • Joint pain or achiness (big time I have this one)
  • Bloating/gas/fluid retention (*burp* excuse me)
  • Congestion/allergies/sinus problems (sometimes)
  • Food Cravings (can anyone say CHEESE??? 😀 )
  • Headaches (yeppers)
  • Fatigue after eating (let’s put it this way… I eat… I go to the restroom … I go to bed… ALWAYS)
  • Inability to lose weight (hhhmmm 5’0′ and 235 pounds… ya think??? I did lose 25 pounds in January doing Losing it with Leanne but now I’m stuck)

Really??? I have every single one of those??? But wait… isn’t this “normal”. Can I expect any better? I’ve lived with it for so long (hahaha I’m only 37) why change now?

So back to Leanne’s nagging loving question… 🙂 When am I going shopping and starting the 28-day Break Free Plan for myself?

TODAY. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂