3 Steps To Better Health & A Better Body

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Dear Friends,

One of the greatest blessings of working in this industry is watching the transformation in the lives of those who make cooking a priority.

When you control the ingredients, the process and your intake; you control your health.

That’s so exciting! We literally get to use food to change the way we feel and focus.

Here’s the Problem

Even with the power to control our health (and eat well at the same time), it’s not always easy.

Busy schedules, hunger pangs, and stress all impact our resolve. We can wake feeling extremely strong and focused, and without warning we find ourselves pulling into a donut shop!

I don’t know about you, but I need help making sure the right things go in my mouth and keeping my head on straight.

Here’s the Solution

These are the three steps I take every time I get serious about taking my health and body back. They will help you too…

1. Promise

It all begins with making a promise to yourself. Not the typical, “This time will be different.” The past doesn’t matter. Use a simple, but precise statement such as…

“I promise that for the next X days I will remain 100% dedicated to my health and results.”

Say that out loud to yourself and also write it down.

2. Plan

Next, you need to follow a nutritional plan. Don’t call it a diet. Food is fuel. Food is a healing agent. So you want to follow a plan that produces the results you want.

3. Partner

Finally, get at least one person to make the promise and follow the plan with you. It’s incredibly difficult to reach your goals and stay true all alone. It’s too easy to cheat or even give up. All of my breakthroughs have come with partnerships.

The Next Step

Personally, I am at the crossroads. Because of some extremely stressful family emergencies I’ve let my heath and body get to place I’m not crazy about.

So I am following the 3 steps I just laid out.

First, I have made a promise to myself.

Second, I created an eating plan (recipes/menus/smoothies) and a guide called 21 Days of Hustle. This is exactly what I am using to restore my health and wellness. I’m focusing on getting rid of belly bloat, joint aches, skin issues and even extra weight.

Third, a special partner group has been created so none of us are taking on our promise and plan alone!

Guess what, you’re invited!

Make the promise with me. Let’s follow this plan together. Let’s meet daily in the private group for encouragement and inspiration.

Say it with me…

“I promise that for the next 21 days I will remain 100% dedicated to my health and results.”

Click here to accept the invitation and join me for the 21 Day Knockout!


P.S. This 21 promise starts in two days. Don’t wait. Join me now.

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