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Dear Friends, 
In school, a favorite part of my Fridays was Show and Tell.  (you too?) I loved seeing what my classmates brought to school to “show and tell” about and I loved it when it was turn, too.

I learned a huge lesson back then: there are some things you cannot just talk about–you have to show them too!

Today it’s my turn for Show and Tell and this is huge–I’m taking you behind the curtain of our all-new and improved Premium Menu-Mailer and going to show you exactly how it works. I promise you, your jaws will drop!  This thing is amazing!

We have quite a fan club of dyed in the wool, raving Premium Menu-Mailer fans. We asked them what they liked best about Premium Menu-Mailer and here’s just some of what they said–
  • The “automated” Shopping List, it really saves time!
  • Selecting recipes from different menus and adding/deleting items from the grocery list
  • Ability to choose my own meals & number of people to serve
  • Search feature for recipes and the ability to email grocery list
  • Access to all of the past Menu-Mailers, there’s a lot!
  • The ability to revise menus and change serving sizes, since no one menu fits all families
  • I love, love, love the shopping list feature and you can add other items to the list!
  • Able to choose other recipes if i KNOW there’s one my husband won’t eat.
  • I like all the different menu options and how it auto populates the grocery list when you choose a meal.
  • I like how I can browse past recipes and click and save, and tada – it’s instantly on my grocery list and on my planner.
  • I can access it easily on my iPad.
  • I love having access to such a variety of recipes.
Are you excited yet? Wanna take an exclusive look behind the curtain?
Now, do yourself a favor and just try Premium Menu-Mailer…it’s 10 bucks a month.  No brainer!
PS – did I mention that its just 10 bucks a month?  Seriously!  What a great way to get that stress monkey of what to make for dinner off your back for good!
Get it now!



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