5/11/11 Menu-Mailer Sale+BONUS!

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Dear Friends,

I cannot tell you how many emails we have fielded this week begging for the Menu-Mailer sale to be extended due to the timing of paychecks! I have to tell you, I wanted to hold my ground and cut it off but my persuasive team prevailed–our yearly Menu-Mailer sale will continue this week, but seriously, that is IT! Get it now ==> it’s $20 off the regular, yearly price, just ==> $27 <==


Listen, it was just ten years ago that Menu-Mailer was born as a way to help families get dinner on the table. In my mind, the most critical part of menu planning in addition to a well-thought out menu, was the shopping list. It had to be itemized and accurate–how many times have you forgotten a key ingredient when shopping for groceries? Menu-Mailer solved all those problems.

And ten years later, we’re still at it, giving you a new menu week after week with all kinds of choices (regular family style, low carb or heart healthy? We have menus for all of those options, plus a “day menu” for breakfast, lunch and snacks). You choose what you want and use the accommodating shopping list…how is easy is that?

So yes, the sale continues and the one and only Menu-Mailer is on sale still this week.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE… (you knew I’d say that, didn’t you?)

For this week, we have an ADDED BONUS–one of our fabulous Five for the Freezer menus (Chicken Volume 7 to be exact). I want to do one of two things here: either introduce you to this concept of assembling meals for your freezer in a fast and efficient manner so you can thaw, cook and eat a fresh meal within minutes OR entice you with this method of cooking! I call it Plan B and even with your Menu-Mailer firmly in use, having “Plan B” in the freezer absolutely GUARANTEES dinner will be served! How about stocking your freezer with Crispy Italian Chicken Strips, Citrus and Tarragon Chicken, Sweet and Tangy Drumsticks, Cheesy Pasta and Chicken Bake and Ginger Chicken Grill. . .sound good??

And listen, if you ordered your Menu-Mailer last week, don’t worry! We’ll be sending you this Five for the Freezer to help you get your freezer stocked with our fabulous freezer meals! I know you’re going to love them!

ORDER RIGHT NOW ==> $27 <== This is a $52 value, get it NOW! This is IT!


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