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Amazing Book Review

By: Leanne Ely

Had to share about a book I just read from my friend Dave Asprey and his wife Lana. While it might be a pregnancy book, it also has a ton of info in there that everyone needs to know. Dave is the king of bio-hacking. Love this guy, love this book, wanted you to know about it.
The Better Baby Book: What You Can Do Before, During, and After Pregnancy For a Healthier, Smarter, Happier Baby is the ultimate guide for moms- and dads- to-be on the nutritional and environmental lifestyle changes they can make to produce the best baby possible.The-Better-Baby-Book
This book is the love child of Dave Asprey (the Bulletproof Executive) and his wife Dr. Lana Asprey. In 2006, Dave and Lana were ready to start their family and decided to combine their knowledge to figure out how to have the healthiest, happiest and brightest baby they could. At the same time they wanted to reduce the risk of autism, allergies, asthma and other common developmental issues as much as possible. With her background as a medical doctor and Dave’s as an expert in nutrition and supplements, they had some amazing results and today they’re the proud parents of two healthy, happy kids. This book is their way of sharing what they learned to help other couples who are ready to conceive and want to do it in the healthiest way possible.
Whether you’re planning for pregnancy or are already pregnant, this essential prenatal guide draws on the latest genetic research to give you a complete program of specific nutrition and environmental lifestyle changes that may help you have a better baby.
The book is based on the emerging science of epigenetics. The book will teach you how the environment interacts with your genes affecting which genes are expressed or “turned on”. It will also show you how to improve preconception nutrition and reduce toxins in your home and body. The result? A baby that expresses the right genes to be healthy, smart, and strong.
Key topics The Better Baby Book covers:
? Leverages the latest epigenetics research to help you have a healthier, smarter, and happier baby with a lower risk of allergies, asthma, and developmental issues
? Shares a specific prescriptive program based on four principles: eating the right foods; taking the right supplements; detoxifying before, during, and after pregnancy; and minimizing stress
? Shows how a woman’s health and her environment during pregnancy may have a much bigger impact on her child than was previously thought
Two things you can do now:
Go buy the book and get cool stuff!
Go take the Better Baby Facebook Quiz:

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