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Dear Friends,

Make no mistake about it, we heart our ebooks as much as you do. We also love to give you a DEAL on them when we can and today, well…we can, LOL!

Two very popular ebooks, our Mix ebook and our Pizza ebook are massively on sale TODAY.
The Mix ebook has 48 mix recipes (including 12 bonus muffin mixes), from spice blends, to rice mixes, to soup and sauce mixes, to pasta mixes, to…well just about everything you would want from a convenience standpoint, but without the artificial colorings, flavorings, additives or chemicals–you make them up yourself for a lot less money, have them sitting in your pantry for when you need them.

The Pizza ebook has 4 sauce recipes, 4 crust recipes (including a GLUTEN FREE crust) that you can mix and match to go with all the pizza recipes (32 recipes, including Chicken Broccoli Pizza, Breakfast Pizza, and Loaded California Pizza) in the book–the possibilities are endless! In a word, these ebooks ROCK!

We take great pride in these ebooks and today we have them BOTH for $27!! That’s a savings of $17!!! Can you stand it?
But there’s MORE….today you’ll also get a $5 off coupon to use on ANY of our Freezer Menus! That’s right, ANY–so you can get a F*R*E*E Five for the Freezer, $5 off a Ten for the Freezer or Twenty for the Freezer. You can outfit your freezer at a great discount; or for free even, yee haw! Just add the freezer menu of your choice to your shopping cart and enter HIGHFIVE as your coupon code.

Take advantage of this sale–you know the drill, it won’t last long! CLICK HERE =====>CLICK<=====

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  1. Hey, where are the cookbooks you use to have? I have been using them for a couple of years and I am always asked for the recipes. Instead of sharing, I buy the book for them. I have subscribed to your menu mailer, twice, for 6 months each, but I like the cookbooks best. I have Saving Dinner, and my favorite Saving Dinner the lo-carb way.
    This book is a MUST HAVE for anyone with diabetes. It taught me a whole new way to cook, when my skinny and very active husband was told he had diabetes. We love the menus and the book without the paper clutter and larger size notebook that we have with the menu mailer. Please tell me where to order 2 more books. Thanks, Bonnie

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