56% in one hour.

66% after one day.

75% after 6 days.

THIS is how fast you forget!

According to the late psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus who made this important discovery in the 1880s, when it comes to truly changing up those old patterns of behavior that are deeply ingrained in our brains as habits, it is crucial to strengthen and create new pathways in our brains.

There are also old pathways that need to be burned to the ground–they just don’t serve us at all anymore. 

This is important–our old friend Hermann discovered that when we read and analyze what we’re reading, apply it to our own experiences and memories, and then go the next step to discuss it with our gal pals, we strengthen those pathways and are better able to retain and apply what we have learned into our daily lives. 

We need this!! 

And this is why we went all out and created theGetting Off The Carouself of Crazy Workbook.

And this is why we went all out and created the Getting Off The Carouself of Crazy Workbook.

Each chapter aligns exactly with the book, and takes you on a deeper introspective journey, breaking free the stuff that’s held you back. 

In the Workbook, you’ll find journal prompts, coloring pages, helpful tips and fun activities (aren’t we all just kids at heart?) to keep you going and help with this key element: CHANGE!

Getting Off The Carousel of Crazy is just the beginning. 

The book will provide you with step-by-step instructions for creating the vibrant life you so hotly desire– and the Workbook comes alongside to help you to get deep into the weeds, grade the soil and create a solid foundation so you can begin the build. 

Can you imagine?