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Dear Friends,
I hate feeling alone, defeated and my get-up-and-go has got-up-and-left before I even get started! Do you know what I’m talking about? Ever been there? This is especially true when you’re trying your hardest to get started on a smart habit or healthy direction. I know this personally because I’ve been there, done that myself.
Try Our Challenges!
I have found however, that having support meant the difference between defeat and victory, it’s the most important component!
This is the reason we created 2 incredible “Challenges” that will help you get everything you need to be successful. Of course we’ll give you the recipes, shopping lists and all the rest, but most importantly we will place you into a support system (on Facebook, you’re already there, LOL!) that will rock your world! This is something you absolutely have to have as you get started on your new healthy goal!
So figure out which Challenge you want and get your life going in the direction you want–or get both and start one after the other and really ratchet up your success!
PS–The plentiful research is crystal clear–having a support system in place will more than triple your chances of weight loss success. TRIPLE! (based on the research from New York Obesity Research Center) Both of our Challenges will do that for you!

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