Saving Dinner's Crock Cooker Contest

Enter our exciting contest for your chance to win a Hamilton Beach 6-Quart Stay or Go Slow Cooker!

It’s simple to enter and participate…all you have to do is sign up and start spreading the word online!  To sign up, just enter your email address below:

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Reasons for Contest
As you may have noticed, Saving Dinner’s focus this week is the Crock Cooker!  We want to thank all our fans who responded to our survey and our crock cooker questions on Facebook by giving away 3 brand new crock cookers!

The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Slow Cooker was one of the most popular responses, so now is your chance to get your own!

The Prizes (3 of Each!)
First Prize (Minimum of 1,000 points needed to qualify)
 – A Brand New Hamilton Beach 6-Quart Stay or Go Slow Cooker

Second Prize (Minimum of 500 points needed to qualify)
 – $25 Gift Certificate to

How To Win/Collect Points
We will automatically reward you with points for a wide variety of actions you take to spread the word of the contest!  Below is the complete list of actions that will earn you points:

– 250 Points for using the “Connect with Facebook” contest app
– 100 Points for “Like”ing our Facebook Page
– 10 Points for commenting on Facebook (max 100 points per day)
– 10 Points for Facebook wall posts (max 100 points per day)

– 10 Points for every Tweet with your contest link or @savingdinner

– 100 Points for posting a YouTube video response (max 200 points per day)
– 50 Points for adding your personal contest link to any YouTube video description (must be the first thing you put in the video description)
– 50 Points for subscribing to the Saving Dinner YouTube channel
– 10 Points for posting a comment on one of our YouTube videos (max 100 points per day)

– 200 Points for purchasing the Crock Cooker Bundle (you will get credit if you have already purchased the bundle this week)
– 100 Points for every time someone uses your link to sign-up for the contest (max 10,000 points per day)
– 50 Points for entering the contest
– 10 Points for each comment on this site
– 1 Point every time someone clicks on your contest link

Rewarding Your Efforts
The more actions you take to promote the Saving Dinner Crock Cooker Contest, the more chances you have to win!  This is a contest that Rewards the most active contestants, as each point represents a single entry for a chance to win.  Think of it like a raffle, and every point you get is one raffle ticket.  The more raffle tickets you have, the greater chance you have to win!

Contest Deadline
You have until 5:00PM (EST) on February 22, 2011 to create as much buzz about this amazing contest! 
At that point, a random selection of winners takes place. Points Leaders will have the highest odds of winning, but everyone who plays gets a chance!

Contest Rules
In order to make it fair for everyone playing, please follow these simple rules to stay in the contest:
– Do not use Spam as a means of collecting points (you will be disqualified)
– Do not send automated junk traffic to your contest links
– Do not comment on our Blog, Facebook or YouTube page more than 10 times per day
– Do not send bulk email to people you do not personally know…especially without their permission
– Do not use spam robots or automated software (you will be automatically disqualified)