Control the 3 Hormones That Cause Holiday Weight Gain

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FYI, I personally endorse and use this product…thought you would want to check it out, too. I know these guys (for real, in the flesh!) and have nothing but the utmost of respect for all they are doing in the nutrition world. Their stuff is stellar!
And because it’s “that time of year” again, and most people just accept the fact that holiday foods, family and stress will lead to weight gain over the holidays, I wanted to give you a chance to stop it in its tracks…this is what I’m doing to keep everything in check!
We all know the types of foods we consume during the holiday season are going to cause our weight to climb, but combined with the inevitable stress that comes with those holidays, you have a hormonal cascade that ensures we pack on the pounds!
This doesn’t have to be the case, as I will show you later. In fact, you can even LOSE the weight during the holiday eating season–check this information out:
There Are 3 Hormonal Causes for the Holiday Assault on Your Waistline
1 – High Ghrelin Levels: High ghrehlin levels are responsible for making you hungry, which shows up in the form of uncontrollable cravings for comfort foods. Cravings and holiday foods do NOT mix.
2 – Insulin Resistance: The excess sugar we consume during the holidays can spike our insulin levels to the point where we develop insulin resistance. This then causes almost any sugar we ingest to turn into pure fat.
3 – Excess Cortisol: According to the Mayo Clinic, stress levels are magnified during the holidays. Stress can cause excess cortisol release, which leads directly to belly fat.
How to Stop this Hormonal Assault And Actually Lose Inches This Holiday Season?
So what can we do in order to reverse the holiday weight gain cycle?
The answer comes from our friend and trusted advisor Dr. Steven Sisskind MD. Dr. Steve, as we call him, specializes in finding all natural ways to balance the hormones that lead to excess fat. He has created a video for our readers that will teach you all natural ways to control the three hormones responsible for holiday weight gain, plus how to increase a hormone called adiponectin that is directly responsible for fat burning. So if you have ever had a problem with holiday weight gain, I strongly recommend you:
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By keeping the three hormones that cause holiday weight gain in check, not only will you prevent
belly-fat from accumulating… you might just be able to actually lose some pounds this time around–how cool would that be?
Dr. Steve Sisskind is the genius behind this. He is a graduate of Stanford University and the Baylor College of Medicine and knows his stuff; he was one of our guests on our webinar series.
I was especially interested in the all natural, ingredients that Dr. Steve has discovered that not only control these hormones, but also are proven to more than double the speed at which people lose weight (you will have to watch to the end to learn about these).
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