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My kids had been raving about the new recipes I was making for dinners. One night I made the barbeque pizza and my 15-year-old announced,”Leanne Ely is my new best friend!” ~Catherine
Dear Friends,
Pizza is one of those great foods that can really help out a busy mom. It’s fast, it’s delicious and everyone loves it. It’s just so convenient! The problem is that takeout pizza is pretty lacking (to say the least!) in nutrition and high in calories. Most of the time, it’s just plain greasy.
Bundle of Convenience
Making your own pizza is a great option, and I don’t mean opening up that packet of dough mix and powdered parmesan cheese! I mean right from scratch!
If you’re thinking that making homemade pizza is just too much work, think again!
Imagine sitting down to a white garlic herb pizza that you made yourself! How does treating your family to a spicy pork fajita pizza sound? Maybe bruschetta pizza is more your style.
If the thought of any of those pies are making your mouth water, you’re going to love our brand new product because not only does it make homemade pizza more convenient than takeout, it also makes it way more delicious!
Pizza Ebook Volume 2 gives you practically endless options for your family’s favorite meal. It includes:
* 5 crust recipes – Basic, Whole Wheat, New York Style, Italian Herb and even a Paleo/gluten-free crust!
* 5 different sauces – Southwestern Style, Cilantro Pesto, Alfredo, Buffalo and Bruschetta – All with Paleo options!
* 32 pizza recipes using those crusts and sauces. Also with Paleo options
To introduce this new product I’m offering it, for a limited time, in a Bundle of Convenience! —>$27!
When you buy Pizza Ebook Vol 2 today, I’ll also send you Pizza Ebook Vol 1 which will give you 5 more sauces and 32 additional pizza recipes! Plus a gluten free crust. Add tomato basil and bacon cheeseburger to your pizza repertoire!
To make your life even easier for you, I’m also going to send you our Ultimate Mix Ebook Vol 1 and Vol 2! These menus give you a ton of healthy “mix” recipes to replace those boxes and packets of chemical-laden foods you used to stock your cupboards with.
These Ebooks EACH include:
* 12 spice mixes including Mexican spice blend, Italian seasoning, pumpkin pie spice and steak rub
* 12 dry soup and sauce mixes including curried lentil soup, five bean soup, tortellini herb soup and split pea soup
* 5 rice mixes including Mexican rice and seasoned rice
* 5 noodle mixes like macaroni and cheese and Italian pasta salad
* 12 muffin mixes including applesauce oatmeal, best ever banana and cinnamon apple
All the convenience with none of the chemicals!
So don’t wait! Scoop up this Bundle of Convenience for a limited time, for only $27! This collection of menus is worth $88 so I’m giving you a killer deal here, folks!
Get your Bundle of Convenience now before it’s gone for good!
PS: This sale won’t be around for long so don’t let it slip away! —>$27<—

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