Cooking Camp

You wouldn’t send your child off to college without first knowing how to properly brush their teeth and floss–why would you send them off without knowing how to cook?

Or maybe you don’t know how to cook either?

There’s no shame in that–but only if you pretend cooking isn’t important!

“When you know how to cook, you learn to feed yourself–this is the most powerful expression of independence, nutritional savvy and creativity all rolled into one.” ~Leanne Ely, CNC

As a nutritionist, NYT bestselling author, and the creator of the first menu planning site on the Internet, my goal and mission is to teach everyone how to cook in a way that not only feeds their very cells but delights their taste buds as well.

Here’s the deal–cooking is how we transport the nutrition our bodies need in order to function optimally.

*WE choose the quality ingredients–that makes a difference. Restaurants aren’t going for the best quality olive oil and you will.

*WE choose the venue–our own dinner table without the wait or throngs of people.

*WE choose the dish–you don’t like cilantro? Easy to omit it, but not so at restaurants.

Cooking is an act of love in addition to being a life skill. When you cook, you’re feeding your family--loving them up, giving them what THEY need in order to function well, too.

When you cook, you’re a steward of your family’s finances, health, mind, and soul–you’re not just filling the holes in their stomachs, you’re filling the holes in their hearts too.

Psychologists tell us this too–over the last decade, research has found that regular family meals are associated with better mental and physical health. Dinner at the table can provide an opportunity to bond and interact, helping parents to both support and safeguard their children.

Not only that, but the research also indicates that children do better in school, are less likely to use drugs or alcohol, be sexually active, have eating disorders, and have better self-esteem.(

Feeding your people with the good food you prepare for them is also an act of nurture–is there anything more beautiful than providing for your family?

“For is there any practice less selfish, any labor less alienated, any time less wasted, than preparing something delicious and nourishing for people you love?”
― Michael Pollan, Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation

This is why I created Cooking Camp…

A basic cooking course designed to give you all the basics without the fluff. You want to get dinner on the table, not learn about the intricacies of creating the perfect Beef Wellington or learning how to create perfect peaks in a meringue.

Cooking isn’t brain surgery, but there are some brilliant kitchen hacks that will take you from making casseroles from the back of a soup can (please don’t do that) to creating amazing sauces in your pan for a weeknight chicken recipe that takes you less than 20 minutes to make.

Take a peek at what’s inside Cooking Camp:

✅ Every single cooking lesson is built on top of the next one and will get you cooking with confidence faster than you can scramble an egg!

✅ Each lesson is written out for you with a video and worksheet to instill the lesson.

✅ You will get amazing recipes to try these newfound skills out on–your family will be delighted to eat your homework!

✅ When you take advantage of this sale you will also receive the BONUS Cooking Camp Entertainment ebook absolutely FREE!

It’s time to take a stand for home cooking–this is how you create optimal health and deliver the nutrition your body needs–DELICIOUSLY!

Let’s get cooking!