YES, it’s the Crock Cooker BONANZA!

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Dear Friends,

NOW is the time for all good women (and men) to come to the aid of their crock cooker! You know what a crock cooker is, don’t you? Crockpot + Slow Cooker = Crock Cooker…at least that’s what we call ’em here at headquarters.

That said, if your little crock cooker is lonely and longing for companionship, maybe it’s time you started using him more, yes? Even if it’s not lonely, using this amazing kitchen appliance more often will save you gobs of time, energy and money. And who doesn’t need more time, energy and money, especially when you consider the holidays are RIGHT around the corner! Having your crock cooker going is like having someone cooking for you all day–when you come home from work, you’re greeted with the smell of a home cooked meal! Does it get better than that?

It does! We have a great big bundle of goodies to get your crock cooker cooking like never before! You have to see what we have in this gargantuan crock cooking bundle–

*Crock Cooker Ebook Volumes 1 and 2

*Five for the Freezer Crock Cooker Volumes 1 and 2

*20 for the Freezer Crock Cooker

We are talking 510 recipes here folks–with our fantastic Crock Cooker Freezer Meals and 70 weeks of weekly menu plans (over 1 year of menu plans with shopping lists, serving suggestions and nutritional information).

And just to entice you a little, can you imagine serving such delicious recipes like Tex Mex Pork Wraps, Lemon Garlic Chicken Breasts, Mac and Cheese Casserole or Crock Chicken Provencal and they all came out of the crock cooker? We have WAY more than that of course, but I’m trying to protect your keyboard from drool, LOL!

All of this mega huge bundle would retail for over $100! ($104 to be exact). Today we have it ALL for just $37!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY! We want you to have freedom from the drive thru and be able to do the holidays at the same time–the crock cooker is THE answer to do just that.

But because we love you, we have one more TREAT–

Our Fast/Slow eCookbook–this is the ecookbook you’ve been waiting for! You can do it fast (pressure cooker) or slow (crock cooker). Same recipe; you choose your cooking method. If you run out of time in the morning, take advantage of the pressure cooker that night! Our Fast/Slow eCookbook features delectable recipes like New England Clam Chowder, Italian Beef Stew and Chicken and Dumplings to name a few. A $17 value, absolutely F*R*E*E.

So what are you waiting for? We’re talking HUMONGOUS value for just $37!

Get it TODAY…you need these recipes in your dinner planning lineup; the holidays are coming, the holidays are coming!

Get ‘er done! Click here, $37 <======


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