What is a Detox Diet?

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Food For Thought
What is a Detox Diet?

By: Leanne Ely, C.N.C.

For the past 11 years, we’ve been helping people save dinner through a multitude of methods—menus, recipes and shopping lists have always been the mainstay, but we realized people needed help in other ways too—from making freezer meals to crockpot meals to frugal meals. There is always a new way to get dinner on the table.

All through the years, we’ve been asked by our subscribers to address multiple concerns about health. This is how our Heart Healthy menus were born in 2008 and why we include gluten free substitutions on all our Menu-Mailer subscriptions, plus just added the Paleo Menu a few weeks ago; there’s a real need out there for different styles of eating.
I believe with my whole heart that the absolute key to a healthy life is healthy eating. The old adage, garbage in/garbage out applies 100% to how we eat. If you eat junk, don’t be surprised if your health responds in kind with junky health. So on my radio show, when people started asking me more health-related questions and less cooking questions, I knew it was time to get busy and bring out some serious big guns!
Getting started on a wellness journey can be hard—there are hurdles and impasses at every bend. This is why we created the Dinner Diva Detox to help people kick start their own path to wellness journey.
We’ve actually got TWO of those menus now and the reason is to help clean up some of the toxic spill in your body through poor eating, exposure to chemicals (household to outdoor pollutants) and stress. All of these things leave their marks on our health. To fight back, we’ve designed a couple of different eating plans that may help our bodies clean themselves up.
When you eliminate foods that are hard your body, such as caffeine, alcohol, fried foods, processed foods, additives, preservatives, colorings, margarine, etc. and add in clean, organic foods such as healthy greens, berries, nuts and pure water to name just a few, you give your body the break it needs to eliminate toxins. We all do this anyway, daily through sweating, elimination and breathing, but a detox diet helps your body because you’re not adding more to its workload!
To read more about our detox plans, go to http://savingdinnershop.com/weight-loss/dinner-diva-detox/ and heads up, we’ve got a screaming deal on our Dinner Diva Detox until Wednesday!

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