Double Dinners saves you tons of time!

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Dear Friends,
Cooking from scratch for your family is a wonderful feeling. There’s really nothing like it. You should be applauded for working so hard to put fresh meals on the table.

But let’s face it… preparing that meal every single day can be downright exhausting. And all those leftovers are leaving you less than motivated.
If you’re going to be in the kitchen tonight anyway, why not cook enough meat for tomorrow night’s dinner while you’re at it? With just a little bit of effort – and a little inspiration, you can completely transform those dinner ingredients into something brand new.
Create a meal of Asian lettuce wraps on Tuesday from the slow cooker paleo Asian beef stew you made on Monday. Dine on Mediterranean Stuffed Peppers today and enjoy Skillet Hamburger One-Dish Delicious tomorrow.
I’m excited to share the all new Paleo Double Dinners – Volume 1 with you. Get twenty recipes and two shopping lists that will see you in the kitchen for half the amount of time as usual!
As a special gift to you, when you purchase the new Paleo Double Dinners – Volume 1 ebook, I’ll send you all 5 of my Morphing Menus: Cook Once Eat Twice menus, too! Each of those menus includes ten recipes. One menu focuses on chicken, one on beef, one on pork, one on seafood and one is all about the crockpot. That’s a total of 50 recipes for free, in addition to the 20 you’ll get in Paleo Double Dinners – Volume 1.
Make Baja Fish Tacos on Sunday from the Pepper Jack Tilapia you made Saturday. Reinvent your Sirloin Stir-Fry Diane into Bleu Cheese Steak Salad.
With all these delicious new recipes, leftovers will never be “just leftovers” again! And you get all of your dinners for the week with only HALF the work!  What’s not to love about that?
So, don’t wait! Save yourself some valuable time slaving away in the kitchen and enjoy not eating the same dinner two nights in a row. Ever again! (Unless you want to!)
Order the Paleo Double Dinners – Volume 1 now and enjoy the complete collection of five Morphing Menus: Cook Once Eat Twice for F.REE. That’s a total value of $67, but for a limited time, you can have it for just $27.  ===> $27 <===
PS: This sale will be gone before you know it! ===> $27 <===

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  1. I have been cooking double [qualdruple] meals for years. I raised 4 boys so when they left, one by one, I still cooked the same amount & froze them in individual meals for my hubby & me. Now that he is gone, sometimes I split it in half to cook & still freeze the other. Do that 7 days a week & you have 7 different meals in the freezer for at least 3 different times. Helps a lot when not feeling good. At age 78 & a lot of health problems, I have a lot of those days.

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