It’s HERE!!! Drum roll please…

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I think it’d be fair to say I’ve waited YEARS to be able to say this to you–you can now customize your menus and shopping lists the way you want to!! Announcing our Premium Membership–our brand new software program that allows you to pick recipes you like from our 3 different menus (Regular Menu-Mailer, Low Carb & Heart Healthy) each week–well 4 really, when you count the Body Clutter day menu, and make your own customized menu and customized shopping list!

Of course, this is open to all, but you have to be a Menu-Mailer member before you can do anything (otherwise, what’s the point, LOL).

Here’s the cool thing you need to know…as your membership continues, your own personal database of recipes will develop and you can pick and choose from what you have in your own stash. Say you loved a chicken recipe from 3 weeks ago and want to replace a recipe in this week’s menu. No problem, just find your recipe and make the swap–the grocery list will automatically fix itself to accommodate your changes. Is this cool or what?

And here’s the best part. It’s only $10 a month (remember, you need a membership/subscription to Menu-Mailer first, click here to get that handled).

I love this new tool we are offering you–it’s going to revolutionize dinner time in your house! It’s easy to use, simple and will make your weekly menu your OWN.

Click here to get started–I’m thrilled it’s FINALLY HERE!!!  —-> CLICK <——–

Still not sure? Check out our FAQ page for more information on this new Premium Membership.

PS… Today is the LAST DAY for our SUMMER SALAD & SMOOTHIE sale.

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