Focus on the Freezer Sale (with Super Bowl Menu Bonus!)

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Dear Friends,

If there is one thing I can promise you, it’s that your family is going to be hungry come dinner time and they are going to expect you to feed them. “Mom, I’m hungry!” Ever hear that plaintive wail? I know I have and that’s why we have Plan B to default to–Freezer Meals!

Our Freezer Meals are fresh, assembled, then frozen so they can be thawed and cooked fresh when you’re ready. What they are not are precooked, thawed and cooked again, watery casseroles a la Stouffers style (heck if you wanted Stouffers, you would have just bought it in the first place, right?). The quality of our Freezer Meals is stellar–see what Freezer Fan Kristy has to say–

“I just wanted to let you know you have a new fan! I used to frequent the “assemble your dinner and freeze it” places, but I knew there had to be a cheaper alternative. When I tried finding freezer recipes on the Internet, all I could find were casseroles! A friend suggested your website, and I am so thankful she did. Thank you so much!”

Here’s the deal–You can assemble 5, 10, or 20 dinners in one fell swoop and pop them in the freezer. They are ready to go for those super busy nights; fresh, fabulous meals with good healthy, ingredients. Once assembled and frozen, you thaw when you need a meal, then throw it in the skillet or oven for a quick, healthy, homemade meal. These freezer menus have saved many a dinner!

So get your assembly on and get some dinners in the freezer! Seriously…what are you waiting for? Line the kids up, get Dad to help or better yet, pull some of your girlfriends together and get a bunch of meals done! How fun is that? All you need is the plan–and we’ve got a TON of them!

Get any of our 20 for the freezers and get a full 20% off with the coupon code freeze20! And when you get those great Freezer Meals, guess what else you’re going to get absolutely F*R*E*E*? Our Super Bowl Menu–we do a fabulous one every year! This year there is Cream Cheese Salsa Dip and Chips, Half Time Meatloaf Sandwiches, Spicy Chicken Stromboli, Fruit Kabobs, Peanutbutterscotch Pretzels and Lemon Cream Cupcakes.

This bonus menu is ONLY for those who get the 20 for the Freezer Menus, just use the coupon code freeze20 and you’re all set! Stock up and get them, 20% off and with our FABulous Super Bowl Menu! Get them NOW ——>Click<——– And don’t forget your coupon code!


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