Frugal & Saying NO to Hamburger Helper!

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Hey y’all!

Got this amazing testimonial today on Facebook:

I love your frugal ebooks. I just did all my grocery shopping for two and a half weeks (wow!) for my family of six all for 200 dollars. i can’t tell you how excited my kids were to have REAL food and not hamburger helper or spaghetti! Thank you for saving our dinner! ~Katherine via Facebook

Katherine, you’re so welcome–this is what we do! 🙂 We help everyone to save REAL money, by making REAL food and help you to take dinner to a whole new level when life gets busy and complicated. Look how much money Katherine saved!

Listen, do yourself a favor and get our fabulous Frugal Ebook with 4 seasons of fantastic, delicious, tried and true frugal recipes…yes, this book has it all AND…48 weeks of fabulous frugal recipes (288 recipes!) and all the extras that set our menus apart–recipes, serving suggestions, nutritional info and for each week, an itemized grocery list that makes it all so EASY!

Grab these menu plans for nearly the whole year, for only 37 bucks. That’s IT! But wait, there’s more. LOL! 🙂

We also have our fabulous Money Saving Tips–250 tips that will help you save money anyway you can slice it–you really want this great info FOR FREE!

It’s all HERE, clickety click click click.

That’s all…you still here? DON’T WAIT, get this great deal NOW!!!!!



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  1. Stop with the packaged, processed food already, peeps! Get a Menu-Mailer, sailor, and swim with the cold-water fish! That’s where the omega-3’s are, folks! Salmon, fresh lemon juice and fresh dill is where it’s at, cat! Can’t help m’self. It’s Bad Poetry Day – ¡olé!

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