It's Your Life.

Don't waste it on another diet.

Discover how to permanently break free from the cycle of weight-shame so you can live your best life now.

“I’ve let myself go.” 

You say to yourself as you itemize the evidence…

the rolls…

the wrinkles…

the cellulite…

the stretch marks.

And, you’ve been programmed to believe that the problem is you!

 That if you just had the right exercise plan or the right cardboard encased magic food…

Surely if you just had THE thing, things would be different. 

And there’s proof!

You turn on the television and get pulled into an infomercial promising body parts of steel… all for just the price of shipping! 

You stand in the checkout line bombarded by the silent roar of, “The last diet you’ll ever need,” or, “Lose 30 lbs in 30 days,” or “A bikini-body by Sunday!”

You catch yourself thinking, “maybe this time will be different…” 

But it’s never different, is it?

Because even if you luck out on one of those diets and lose some weight and start to feel good, it doesn’t last. 

Inevitably, the cycle repeats, we gain back the weight and the feelings of shame and guilt that come with it. 

“Why? Why do I keep doing this?” 

Because you have been riding the Carousel of Crazy. 

You can get off that carousel of crazy misery.

I can show you how.

The truth is, there IS a way to break free from this destructive behavior pattern, but you won’t find it in a magic pill or a new diet guru. 

You’ll find it, when you discover how to love and nurture the woman that you are.

All of her.

Right now.

The parts of her that you can love easily and the parts that are a struggle.

You are a whole, real, vibrant woman, and you are worthy of love right now. 

Worthiness doesn’t come in a size 4 pair of jeans. It comes from you embracing the wonder of who you are and the life you have lived – and in fact, are living – and aligning with that truth no matter what.

You are enough right now because your deservingness is not dependent upon a physically smaller package.  

You are enough. Right here. Right now. Believe THAT and the doors will open for you.

What I know, because I’ve lived it, is that when you start with accepting yourself – and dare I say, loving yourself – you begin to listen to what is true for you. 

In, “Getting Off the Carousel of Crazy,” I reveal how when you begin to choose how you spend your time based on what you deeply know you deserve – the best!

When you choose this path, you will begin to choose how to feed and fuel yourself based on what you know to be aligned with your highest and best.

You might even begin to meditate and journal because you begin to hear the calling of your soul.

You might even sleep better. 


As you engage each chapter in this book, you’ll start to understand why crash diets and quick fixes don’t work (and why you’ve been so drawn to them). as they feed on our fantasies of “perfection.” which (of course) we all know doesn’t exist.

It’s not about the food.

Any food addict, myself included, knows that overeating isn’t about the food.

It’s about the comfort that the food provides. 

It’s about its power as a fleeting source of pleasure and distraction from things that seem beyond our control. 

Fact: food will never love us back or give us what we really need–it’s cheap entertainment to distract us from what we’re really hungry for. 

Look, I know allllll about the guilt and self-loathing that comes after you binge. Or eat something you really “shouldn’t” or feel helplessly addicted to a certain food (my drug of choice was/is chocolate).

I’ve been there.

I know the drill…

how to hide fast-food wrappers before getting home or…

how to smuggle food into the house and hide it from the rest of the family to have later. 

I’ve shared the painful memory of eating a huge bag of peanut M&M’s on the way home from the grocery store, crying and feeling the sharp bits cutting into the roof of my mouth till it literally bled, but kept eating them anyway because that pain was easier to deal with than the overwhelming pain that was my life.  

This IS the carousel of crazy.

And it not only consumes your thoughts, it sets you up for disappointment, again and again, keeping the pain of failure fresh and the sting of broken dreams all too much a reality.

But you can step off of that carousel, right now.

This is YOUR life.

Do you really want to waste your time on another diet?

Something you know will fail?

Of course you don’t. 

And that is why I wrote, Getting Off the Carousel of Crazy, so you could have the kind of comprehensive approach… that I know from experience, actually works.

Because YOU deserve it. 

It’s not just the food–there’s more to it than that. 

Food is foundational, yes. Good food=feeling better. And when you feel better, you have more energy and are open to the possibilities of what your life could be–more active and alive for example. 

As you become more active, your brains start to pump out the feel-good hormones and actually feed the feeling you want to have–can you imagine? 

Your mood improves, our health improves, and yes, your waistline starts to make its comeback! 

We now have the capacity to start to analyze our habits and patterns through journaling, working through the emotional baggage tying us to the scale. We become part of a community of like-minded women encouraging, supporting and standing in the gap for each other. 

This – whatever “this” is for you, is an inside job.

It’s time to Get Off the Carousel of Crazy, and start living a vibrant life… in Full Bloom!. 

About Leanne

Leanne Ely is a New York Times bestselling author and the creator of the original menu planning website, SavingDinner.com, now online for over 20 years.

A nutritionist since 1993, Leanne cares deeply for her audience. Through her own personal journey, she has taken herself out of the kitchen and into her audience’s daily lives to encourage them to live their most vibrant lives, heart, mind, body and soul.

Her current show, The Daily Dish, airs daily (except Sundays) on the Saving Dinner Facebook page.

She has been featured in Woman’s Day, Parents, Redbook, Women’s World, Self and Shape magazines to name a few. Leanne has also been featured in the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Boston Globe, St. Petersburg Times, Orange County Register—and dozens of other major newspapers.