Guide to Buying Grass-fed Beef

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Healthy Foods
Guide to Buying Grass-fed Beef

By Leanne Ely, CNC

The “best” beef hands down, is grass-fed beef. It’s the best option for a couple of reasons: it’s better for the earth and it’s better for your health and well-being.

It’s better for the earth because it produces better soil when you allow cattle to forage for their own food in a pasture, and improves water quality, along with plant life diversity. And as for your own health benefits, beef from grass-fed cows means more vitamin A and E plus more omega-3 fatty acids that can lower high blood pressure, cholesterol, and helps fight against diabetes and cancer.

Where do you buy grass-fed beef? One of the best places, of course, is health food stores. Some grocery stores will actually carry it, but they are few and far between. If you really want to get local and fresh, check out to find a farm or local purveyor who might have some you can buy.

I do hope you find a local farmer who has grass-fed beef. Get to know your farmer–ask him questions and find out about his farming practices and animal husbandry.

Remember, whenever you buy anything locally, whether it’s produce or meat, it’s always good to know the hands harvesting what you’re planning to consume.

Where’s the beef? We’ve got plenty of it in our Five for the Freezer series including Steak Vol. 1 and Steak Vol. 2.

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