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Dear Friends,
We are super excited to announce our all-new, Summer edition 30 Day Paleo Challenge!
With fabulous, new dinner recipes like Paleo Crab Cakes, Spicy Mexican Salad with Avocado Cream, and Grilled Steak with Peach-Horseradish Sauce (just to name a few), PLUS brand-new breakfast and lunch recipes (10 each) to use during the Challenge, we make eating paleo doable!  30 Day Paleo Challenge from Saving Dinner
We supply everything–the grocery lists, recipes, serving suggestions AND the support you need! Once you join the Challenge, you will have access to our exclusive, private 30 Day Paleo Challenge Facebook group where you can get your questions answered and get some amazing support!  I’m in there everyday, too!
If you’re looking for a fresh start and a way to lose weight (without counting calories), and want to feel better than ever, you need to join the all new, 30 Day Paleo Challenge!

PS-check out what one of our Challengers, Karen, had to say:  “I have completed the 30 Day Challenge (only took me 30 days – I didn’t count the days I “cheated”).  I have lost 1 stone but the best result is I am sleeping so much better!  Yay!” (1 stone = 14 pounds!!) Get started today!

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