What's Holding You Back?

Dear Friends,
So how are the old New Year’s resolutions coming along? You know the ones I’m talking about–get organized, lose weight, save money? If they’ve gone by the wayside, I’ve got the cure for all three of those top resolutions, in this one special package we’re offering TODAY! You can lose weight, feel great, save money and stay fabulously organized (we do all the planning for you)! It’s our amazing Break Free bundle!

Real quick, you HAVE to read these testimonials before we do one more thing! (I’ll tell you all about Break Free in a minute)
The Break Free program has been a huge success for me. Life-changing and life-saving, really. I would have sworn I had no food sensitivities and would not have chosen this type of a plan except for the weight loss resistance part and the claims to breaking free from foods that hold you hostage. I do not think I would have had success doing this program alone. I really feel like I had the support and guidance I needed. I am completely satisfied. After giving up hope of ever losing weight again this program has truly changed my life. I plan to continue eating this way forever!” – Margie
This morning I woke up and saw myself in the mirror, and I even looked good without any clothes on! I like what I see now for the first time in so, so long. It’s a miracle!” – Amy
(You can read MORE of these extraordinary results here: https://savingdinner.com/breakfreeclub/ )
You may already be familiar with our Break Free brand, but if not, here’s a quick overview:
“Break Free” is a co-brand that we (JJ Virgin and I) developed together in response to a need, namely weight loss resistance. In just 28 days, by avoiding certain foods (dairy, gluten, corn, soy, peanuts and sugar), you can take back your body, your health and banish annoying symptoms that have plagued you for years!
In the program, we set you up for success; we supply all the menus, recipes, shopping lists (as usual) that will give you and your family delicious meals that everyone will love, even your pickiest ones!
The Break Free philosophy also incorporates fast and effective exercise suggestions that will keep you toned and lean for life (yay!), without having to go to the gym or spending more than 15 minutes a day working out (double yay!!). (The exercise portion is available in our Break Free Club…keep reading!)
The power of Break Free is demonstrated by the amazing results that people get on the plan – often after they have given up all hope of seeing the number on the scale drop after trying practically every other diet plan out there.
What’s included in this FABulous bundle? I’m glad you asked!
*Break Free from Sugar Addiction e-course, $27 value (don’t think you have sugar addiction issues? Think again!)
*Break Free e-Books, volumes 1 & 2: everything you need to know about Break Free, what it is exactly, symptoms quiz, sensitivity information and how to really Break Free, using our 28 day meal plans, shopping lists & delicious recipes such as Sauteed Pan Fish with Warm Avocado Salsa, Pan Roasted Chicken Mediterranean, and Beef Stir Fry Asian Style, to name a few of the fabulous dinners you and your whole family can enjoy. $54 value.
*Break Free 20 for the Freezer. How would you like to have a freezer full of meals that work with your Break Free Plan AND that your whole family would love? That’s what the Break Free 20 for the Freezer is all about; quickly assembled meals you do yourself all at one time, freeze till you need them, then thaw, cook up freshly and enjoy–none of that reheated soupy casserole freezer meal nonsense! $20 value and NOT available anywhere except in THIS special bundle!
What’s not to love about all that?!
Over $100 in value, today we have all of this for just $47!! That’s over half off!
But listen, I’ve got a special surprise for you…add just $1 more to your order and you’ll get one month of our exclusive Break Free for just a buck. Seriously! One dollar and it’s yours! (after the first month of $1 membership, you become a full fledged card carrying member; your recurring $19.95 payment will come out at the same time each month).
The Break Free Club is a place to also get brand new family-friendly recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, and fitness suggestions each month to make it EASY for you to maintain your fat loss program while “staying free.” The recipes are all allergen-free (no dairy, soy, eggs, gluten, corn, peanuts or sugar — ever!) and so can be enjoyed by even the most sensitive person.
The Break Free Club is also a safe, warm and inviting community where you can mingle and share with women just like you on topics related to weight loss, diet, nutrition, cooking, exercise, and more on our private forum. These are all folks transitioning to or living the Break Free lifestyle who support each other with love, encouragement and helpful information.
Studies have shown time and time again that people who are members of a supportive community tend to take off more weight than those who are not. Just that simple; we know this works, we’ve seen it!
Listen, NOW is the time. Don’t put off feeling your best. You need to Break Free! And you need the support to go with it!
Click Here to Break Free ===> $47 <===
Click Here to Break Free with SUPPORT ===> $48 <=== (BEST VALUE!)
We hope to see you in the Club! Join us and let’s BREAK FREE together!

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