Hot Melt Sprint - Day 6

"I had my bloodwork done last week. I've been using Leanne's l- glutamine. Blood sugar was way down!!! Now taking Core 4 supplements!"
- Suzanne A.
"I started the supplements and wise women vitamins about 6 weeks ago and the Perfect paleo protein 2 weeks ago. I’m 62 and I feel so much better. 60 was really hard on me... But now I feel like I’m 20 years younger, thank you."
- Kelly R.
"I've done awesome with you, never had success with any other programs!"
- Norma B.

Frequently Asked Questions

It really does! Hundreds of women have completed the program and can testify to the life-changing benefits of it. Just ask in our Facebook group, here!

While the supplements have been selected specifically because they work and will definitely contribute to your success on the Hot Melt Sprint, they are not required.

While there are similarities in that both aim for very low carbs, the main difference is the Keto diet isn't sustainable long-term. The Hot Melt Sprint is built on what we call the Target Trifecta Plate - protein, healthy fats, green fiber in the form of vegetables.

The one or two meals consist of Hot Melt Soup, Hot Melt Salad, and 3-6 ounces of the protein of your choice.

We use a Mindful Mug of broth or soup as a way of centering ourselves and staying mindful about our meal - it's our way of avoiding mindless eating.

While homemade bone broth is much more inexpensive and amazingly delicious, you can purchase it as well if you choose.

No. The point of the Hot Melt Sprint is to correct your broken hunger hormones. This happens when you begin to eat via hunger cues and not the clock.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. The magic sauce with HIIT is short bursts of high intensity exercise (10 seconds to a full minute, depending on your fitness level) with continued exercise at a lower rate of exertion.

Hot Melt Mix is our proprietary blend of exogenous ketones that cellularly hydrates your body and helps with symptoms from the keto/low carb flu.

YES! We do a group Sprint at the beginning of each month if you would like the extra support and accountability of being in a group, but you can Sprint by yourself at any time.