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Are you ready to get your Sprint on?

I’m talking about the Hot Melt Sprint–7 days to start your weight loss journey with a bang! 

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What is the Hot Melt Sprint?

The Hot Melt Sprint is a 7 day anti-inflammatory, keto plan with specific goals in mind–

  1. Help you start your weight loss journey with a success right out of the gate
  2. Help you bust out of your weight loss plateau by shaking things up
  3. Introduce you to the Hot Melt style–anti-inflammatory, keto friendly and fun!

I created this plan with nutrients in mind–the nutritional value of food came first; weight loss comes second.

Without nutritional efficacy, weight loss falls flat.

We’ve all seen the sensational claims of people who lost weight eating nothing but donuts or candy or fast food, making the claim that it’s all about the calories.

That’s an ancient paradigm that needs to go–calories are just one measurement when you’re trying to figure out your own personal formula.

For years, I’ve spoken about finding your own nutritional guru because it is never one size fits all–and there is not one person (or diet “guru”) out there that can universally prescribe the perfect weight loss formula for everyone.

The dirty little secret that no one in the diet industry wants you to know is just that–their “prescription” may not work for you!

And here’s where the Hot Melt Sprint comes in–

The Sprint is designed to bring down the inflammation and switch gears to get you into fat burning from sugar burning.

That’s the huge differentiator–creating a new way to burn fat!

And doing this in an anti-inflammatory way, with high nutrient density, watching the caloric intake based on your own hunger AND portion control, plus using intermittent fasting to get your hunger hormones straightened out, will bring you to a new understanding of how your body works.

Give me 7 days–and let’s get you connected to yourself, your own personal weight loss journey, knowing what’s right for you!

Hi, I'm Leanne Ely.

As an experienced nutritionist dedicated to helping people lose weight and as the founder of Dinner Answers – perhaps one of the most important meal planning strategies available to everyone today, I have some critical news for you that you simply should not dismiss regarding weight loss. I’m talking about weight loss that is very real and very achievable.

While there has been much talk about ketosis and Keto dieting, up until now this type of dieting science has been somewhat elusive. That ends right here, right now.

Struggling with being able to efficiently burn fat in order to keep your body toned and looking great does not have to be a fact of life anymore. Indeed, the keto-based Hot Melt Way will put an end to your hunger cravings and binging. It will also allow you to effortlessly lose weight while fueling your body with an abundance of tasty and healthy “rich” fats. Remember – this is all science-based!

If it sounds too good to be true that’s what many people think at first. In truth, this is a lifestyle backed by real scientific evidence with proven research that shows how easy it is to convert your body into a virtual fat eviscerating machine.

Leanne Ely, Founder of

"I am so grateful to have found the Hot Melt plan! I had been doing Keto since Dec 26....lost 12.6 pounds in 4 weeks, then took 3 weeks to lose 0.8 pounds....was getting discouraged, but didn’t want to quit because I was feeling so much better than before, more energy and clearer thinking and focus, and was finally off of sugar. Then last Monday I found Hot Melt and it seemed like the organized plan I wanted. I started volume 1 for dinner that night and lost 1.2 pounds the next morning! So motivating! Today marks 7 full days on the plan and I have dropped 7 pounds in that time.....I am melting and love it ? I have a lot of weight to lose, but will take it one day at a time. Thank you so much Leanne for creating this husband is enjoying all the recipes with me and loving all the great flavors!!"

“I normally don’t tell anyone how much I weigh. Ever. Not even my husband knows the number on my scale. But, this is exciting… and I figure that most of the people here are “hot melting” because they want to drop weight and, like me, can use all the inspiration available to stay motivated and on track. I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw a 1 as the first number on the scale… it was somewhere between 2005 and 2009. A long time, y’all. So thanks, Leanne and team, for being my inspiration!!”