How to beat the post holiday blues (help is inside!)

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By: Leanne Ely


Be honest . . . how many chocolate eggs did you eat over the weekend? I’m not entirely sure how chocolate and bunnies found their way into the Easter holiday, but here we are!

Most homes in North America at this very moment have egg- and/or bunny-shaped chocolates or marshmallow peeps hanging around, and the temptation might just be too much for you to resist. I mean, who doesn’t love biting the ears off a large chocolate bunny? 😉

If you overdid it on the chocolates and sweets this Easter holiday, it’s time to clean things up because spring has indeed sprung. The days are longer, the produce is fresher, and we’re all thinking about our beach bods, am I right?

Since I went Paleo, I haven’t had to think about dieting or counting calories (thank heavens!), and it’s one of the most freeing feelings to no longer have to worry about points, calories, portions and all that nonsense. But that isn’t this biggest needle mover for me believe it or not.

You see, there is this monster called Sugar Addiction. And believe me, no one understands the seriousness of sugar addiction better than this recovering addict! I have to tell you, once you beat your sugar addiction that sweet tooth loses its power over you. Suddenly you can easily walk past a plate of cookies without taking one because you have victory over this demon at last.

And eating this way (Paleo) GAVE me that freedom from sugar addiction, which has had a profound effect on my weight, my health and well-being. I cannot tell you how freeing it is!

I truly believe that challenging yourself to try the Paleo way of eating for just 30 days will make such dramatic changes in your body that you won’t go back to eating the stuff that used to bring you down. You know the cycle, right? Eat well on Monday and by Friday, all bets are off and you’re depressed, vowing to start over on Monday. Rinse and repeat, it’s frustrating. Been there/done that/got the t-shirt.

So, if you overdid it on the chocolate bunnies this weekend, consider making a fresh start and joining us on the 30 Day Paleo Challenge!

You can join us for just $15 for the month, and we’ll provide you with all of the menus and recipes you’ll need. We’ll also give you a guide to teach you the basics of this Paleo lifestyle, and we’ll grant you access to our private Facebook group where you’ll get tons of inspiration and unbelievable support—this is an amazing group! Plus I’m in there everyday, too– I’d love to connect with you!

Are you ready to take these next 30 days and change your life? Join us here!


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  1. I thought I had the biggest sweet tooth! I am considering taking the 30 day challenge but would also be cooking for my husband who is diabetic. Would Paleo be good for him too?

    1. Absolutely, Paleo is great for people with diabetes. He just needs to watch the fructose and starch levels in the fruit and veggies, ie no fruit salads, honey or maple syrup, and light on the root veggies.

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