Are you tired of just washing your kidneys?

Hydration Station Kit

We all know we should drink more water, but…

There are a million and one reasons why we don’t:

  • We forget.
  • We don’t like to drink all that water.
  • It makes us pee all the time!

And yet, EVERY single cell is dependent on H2O

  • Not drinking enough water will stop weight loss.
  • Not drinking enough water will age you.
  • Not drinking enough water will interfere with proper digestion.
  • Not drinking enough water will create constipation.

Why is hydration SO important?

A Study At Vanderbilt

  • Drinking water has a “surprising impact” on blood pressure.
  • Mostly because high blood pressure is more common in people who are chronically dehydrated.
  • If the cells lack water, the brain tells the pituitary gland to secrete vasopressin, which leads to suppression of the blood vessels, which in turn, causes blood pressure to increase.
  • Dehydration thickens the blood, which can lead to clots and heart issues.

Chronic Dehydration & Your Brain

  • Three-fourths of your brain is water.
  • When you’re dehydrated your brain shrinks in volume.
  • You can end up with a headache that you think is seasonal, stress-related, or something else.
  • Being Dehydrated will affect your brain function and mood
  • This is brain fog on steroids—confusion, sleepiness, and fatigue.

Weight Loss Comes To A Halt

  • If your kidneys are dehydrated, then the liver picks up the slack. The liver metabolizes stored fat, but not if it’s doing the kidneys’ job—the fat will stay.
  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is crippled by dehydration and is responsible for helping break down fat and shrinking fat cells—but it doesn’t turn on if you’re dehydrated.
  • You can end up with a headache that you think is seasonal or stress-related.
  • Lipase, an enzyme that helps fat metabolism, is rendered nearly helpless without adequate hydration.

Start with the “Hydration Equation” – Do you know how much hydration you need?

Take your weight, divide by 2 and you get how many ounces of hydration you need per day.
If you weigh 150 pounds, that means you need 75 ounces each day.

First — There Are Myths We Must Destroy

  • Drinking coffee (despite being slightly diuretic), isn’t going to make you need to drink yet another glass of water.
  • Nor will tea be the cause of even more water.
  • There are more ways to get in the hydration than just drinking water.
  • Hydration comes in other forms besides liquids!

The most important part of the “Hydration Equation” is getting the hydration INTO the cells!

To do this, you need adequate fiber and electrolytes.

Even when you DO drink enough water, you’re just peeing it out if you’re not absorbing it!

If we aren’t moving water from the outside to the inside, we’re accumulating oxidative compounds which become inflammatory.

This is called intracellular water hydrolysis—the process of water breaking down into hydrogen and oxygen and actually being absorbed.

When you’re adequately hydrated…

  • Things move quickly through your digestive tract—this is a good thing, healthy motility means nothing is sitting there putrefying.
  • Cells have improved electrical charges, helping the water to get into the cells themselves.
  • Electrolytes help tremendously with this—they are the minerals that charge the water for the cells and help drive the hydration into the cell.
  • This creates hydrogen for the cell’s mitochondria—meaning, improves your energy levels.
  • Inflammation is transported out of the body via water—without adequate hydration, it stays put.
  • Toxins and waste material are all given the boot with adequate hydration.
  • The National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey found that dehydrated women were 60% more likely to be obese than those who were adequately hydrated.

Did you know hydration is super important for your skin as well?

  • Fine lines are part of the dehydration story. So is pale, dried-out skin and dull complexions.
  • Acne plays into this, and so does rosacea, bloating, psoriasis, and weird rashes.
  • Remember, there is a hierarchy of need in your body—vital organs and systems first, skin is last.
  • Dehydration speeds up glycation which is a nice way of saying aging like a piece of beef jerky.

WHAT TO DO? Create a Hydration Station!

  • However much water you need, measure it out at the beginning of every day.
  • Set the alarms on your phone to go off every hour. Drink 5 big slugs of water every hour.
  • Front load your water in the morning if you have a sensitive bladder and don’t want to get up a lot at night.


  • Electrolytes help drive the hydration into the cell. Those minerals in Hot Melt Mix help turn the cell’s electricity on and do the job.
  • Sports drinks are not recommended — too many toxins.
  • Incredibly important when transitioning from being a sugar burner to a fat burner — you lose a lot of water coming from the glycogen stores in your body — you will feel so much better drinking Hot Melt Mix


  • We should be getting at least 25 grams of fiber a day. 35 or more is ideal, but start slow so you don’t get clogged up like a stuck garbage disposal!
  • Use FiberMender in your Target Trifecta Smoothie daily!
  • Fiber + electrolytes is a marriage made in heaven — always together.


  • Coffee, tea, water (filter it yourself – don’t buy water in plastic bottles!), mineral water (in glass bottles), Hot Melt Mix all count toward your daily hydration tally.
  • Bone Broth counts — so does your Hot Melt Soup. (Check out the Sprint HERE)
  • Smoothies count — they’re liquid, right?
  • Structure some of that water: use gelled chia seeds!
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