My Top Diet Tips for a Strong Immune System

By Leanne Ely


The transition between seasons, especially one as extreme as winter to spring, can take a toll on people‚Äôs health. Think about it for a minute–not only is your body trying to adjust to extreme changes in the climate, but allergies are at their peak!

Immune Support

So how are you supposed to defend yourself against seasonal changes and pollen laden spring air that seems to induce one too many sneezes? The answer is simple–build your immune system. When you give your body what it needs to create a strong wall of defense to withstand the attacks, your body will do better than just hoping for the best! Isn’t it great that we can be proactive in the fight against seasonal allergies?

To help build a strong immune system, understand that what is in your diet will have a direct impact of how well (or poorly) your body immune system functions.

One of the most important nutrients on the list for nutritional assurance in aiding your immune system is vitamin C. Vitamin C increases the production of infection-fighting white blood cells, antibodies, and interferon, major factors for building a strong immune system. Vitamin E, zinc, garlic and omega-3 fatty acids, are also major contributors to immune system health.

Remember, start with a diet rich in healthy proteins (beef and fish are rich in zinc and omega-3 fatty acids), lots of veggies and fruit (citrus, broccoli and peppers are chocked full of vitamin C), olives and blueberries (great sources for vitamin E).

A varied, healthy diet is the key, always, isn’t it? Remember, eating single ingredient, highly identifiable foods without relying on processed foods will never serve you wrong.

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