How to Get Exactly What You Want: INSTANTLY!

Dear Friends,
What if dinner was as easy as just dumping a mix into a bowl, adding some protein and voila, instant dinner! What if you could do that without the health consequences?

Well you can. We’ve got the secret formula to success sitting in our newest ebook, The Ultimate Mix eCookbook, Volume 2.
This amazing ecookbook will have you making your own spice blends, rice mixes, pasta mixes and more without all the chemicals and for way less $ than you can buy in the store. How does Italian Pizza and Pasta Seasoning, Gingersnap Muffins, Chicken and Tortellini Herb Soup, Creamy Pesto Sauce Mix, Louisiana Creole Rice, Ham and Tomato Cheese Penne sound? How about delicious, PLUS fast and easy? These are just some of the 46 DIY mix recipes you can make up in no time, store and use as needed.
And as a BONUS, when you get our Ultimate Mix eCookbook Volume 2, we’ll GIVE YOU, the Ultimate Mix eCookbook Volume 1 fr*ee. That’s right, FR*EE! The original Ultimate Mix eCookbook also has 46 easy to assemble recipes that are just as easy to use! The bottom line is you will always save a ton of ca$h when you make your own mixes! Volume 1 has all kinds of goodies including Montreal Steak Seasoning, Pizza Soup and Italian Pasta Salad for example. Getting your pantry filled with these delicious mixes will guarantee that dinner will always be a SNAP!
But hurry, this deal will not last —>$27 and it’s yours! You buy it, we send it–not just one ecookbook, but TWO! We’re talking instant gratification, you can start mixing it up right now!

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