An Invitation to Lose It

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Dear Friends,
In January, 2007 I realized a major goal in my life and became a part of an exclusive club—I became a New York Times bestselling author. Body Clutter, the book Marla Cilley and I poured our hearts out into, was the book and it was life changing for many, including the authors!

Fast forward to today and Marla and I are still at it and last Monday, did a groundbreaking webinar on Body Clutter. It helps to understand that you cannot organize Body Clutter anymore than you can your home’s clutter; it simply has to go. But to do that, you need to understand the underlying Body Clutter principle of losing the “fat” between your ears first so you can deal with what you’re sitting on!
To do this, we put together a webinar package of goodies to help our fellow Body Clutter sojourners along their way:
First up, there’s the audio version of the book (a $16.95 value), a Menu-Mailer subscription for a year ($47), the Body Clutter Control Journal (a $12.95 value), the Body Clutter Menu eBook ($37) and a bonus of the Body Clutter Release Contract; a tool that will give you permission to release the Body Clutter once and for all; its power is amazing!
All total, well over $100 if you were to buy everything above separately. But not today, today it’s just $37!  Way over half off for everything and great stuff you will use forever!
Listen to the webinar for added value (at no additional cost) and you’ll learn some great stuff. Here’s a link that will get you the replay:
Look, this is timeless information and yes, New York Times best selling-worthy. Don’t you owe it to yourself to finally fling the Body Clutter? –> $37 <–
Leanne Ely
PS: Use the low carb version of the Menu-Mailer when you get it…that’s what did the trick! You’ll find out more on the webinar, go listen now! Here’s a link that will get you the replay:

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