Saving Dinner Shopping Lists

These shopping lists are in an Adobe PDF format. When you click on the links, a new window will open and you can print a copy for your files. If you do not have Adobe Reader, download a free copy from (You must have the book to use these shopping lists or else you’ll be buying food and have no recipes to make the food with.)  Scroll down for a link of corrections for the book.

Fall Shopping
Winter Shopping
Spring Shopping
Summer Shopping

CLICK HERE to see the corrections for the Saving Dinner book.

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  • Jenn

    On Spring week one how much cream cheese?  

    • Anonymous


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    • Anonymous

      I’m happy to help, which book or menu specifically are you wondering about Spring week one?

  • Heather Liafsha

    Do you have the shopping lists for the freezer meals in the Saving Dinner book?

    • savingdinner

      Here is the link for the shopping lists:
      Once you get to the page, you will need to scroll down the page to just after all the books. the Shopping List links will be there. Enjoy!

      • Heather Liafsha

        I see the lists for the weekly menus for that book, but not the freezer meal section. Am I just missing it? Is it hidden in a weekly menu?? Thanks for your help!

  • I.Santana

    Do you have a shopping list for the Paleo Primer?

    • savingdinner

      HI! There is a list of things to have on hand listed in the front of the Paleo Primer.

  • Denise

    I am looking specifically for the shopping lists for the freezer meal section of Saving Dinner. I am wanting to make the chicken, pork and beef meals all at once so it would be much easier for my shopping if I can print the lists & cross them off. Or do you have an iPad app that we can download into?

    • savingdinner

      HI Denise,
      You can print the shopping lists from each Freezer menu and take them to the store with you. Each menu includes a shopping list when you purchase 🙂 I hope this helps!

  • Yvonne

    Where are the low carb shopping lists?

    • savingdinner

      Hi Yvonne, The Low Carb shopping lists are separated into serving sizes, and are on the two pages previous to all of the Low Carb recipes in each Menu Mailer. Hope this helps!