So what’s a Menu-Mailer?

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, FlyLady (Marla Cilley) and I conceived of this whole idea for giving our ladies some help in the kitchen. Later known as Menu-Mailer, this service remains the same with weekly menus, recipes and the detailed shopping list sent to subscribers for a small fee. It’s been deemed a lifesaver by some, a marriage saver by another and best of all, a sanity saver by our many devoted subscribers.

9 years later we’re still at it, producing excellent menus week after week. Yes, we have a lot of other mealtime helps, products, ebooks and such. But our core business (and my biggest passion) is Menu-Mailer.

If you don’t have Menu-Mailer yet, it’s time to come aboard. It’s ridiculously affordable (a 3 month subscription is cheaper than a pizza!) and with the new Premium Membership (allows you to customize your menus, recipes and shopping list!) you will have all your mealtime challenges met and handled with ease! It’s simply the best way to get dinner handled on a weekly basis. Check out this testimonial:

“We just wanted to say THANK YOU!  YES, WE, the WHOLE family!  For years I’ve looked at the Saving Dinner site  and tried all of the freebies, not to mention all of the recipe raves sent out over the last few years, we loved them ALL!

I was a bit hesitant at first to purchase a menu, was afraid the grocery bill would sky rocket, but it hasn’t!  I’ve been very frugal with a tight budget AND food allergies, of course I thought all of this combined would mean that I wouldn’t be able to use a menu adequately.  We ate healthy, boring, and redundantly, but it fit the budget and diet needs.

So, for Mother’s Day this year you had an offer for 3 month trial.  I asked my husband for this.  He has commented that it is the best investment he has ever made!  Our whole family including DDs (8, 5, 3)  all love the new foods.  Whenever I serve the table, I simply say, “it’s a new FlyLady recipe”  (sorry! They know who she is already!) and they automatically try it and love it!  There is plenty for the 5 of us to eat, and with the BCMM there are plenty of options so we can leave out the gluten and soy and because you cook with REAL food, there are no food colorings or processed sugars that we are also sensitive to and avoiding!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  Dinner time is no longer a struggle with diets and tastes, and I’ve gotten more bold in trying new things and have been able to stay on a budget.  You have blessed our family in amazing ways!  My husband loves you!  He said he will continue my membership when it comes due 🙂  YEE-HA!” ~Erin in Wisconsin

If you ever struggled with getting dinner on the table, now you can stop let our Menu-Mailer handle it. It’s only $15 for 3 months or $47 for the entire year, that’s a substantial savings! Don’t forget about the Premium Membership too…(that’s extra, but SO WORTH IT!).

This week, we’re giving away our Ultimate Mix ebook FREE if you start your membership now. ABSOLUTELY FREE (retails for $27)! This ebook includes

  • 12 Spice Mixes
  • 12 Dry Soup and Sauce Mixes
  • 5 Rice Mixes
  • 5 Noodle Mixes
  • BONUS: 12 Muffin Mixes

You’ll be able to MAKE these things for so much less money and no nasty chemicals.

So come on aboard. Get started with Menu-Mailer TODAY and get the Ultimate Mix ebook as well! You’ll be so glad you finally did!

CLICK HERE to get a
3 month membership
with the Ultimate Mix ebook
(valued at $27) for FREE

CLICK HERE to get a
12 month membership
with the Ultimate Mix ebook
(valued at $27) for FREE

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  1. Hi Leanne,
    I’m just wondering how the menu-mailer might work for someone living in Australia? I have your original Saving Dinner book, and the whole family loves it. I would love to join up for the menu-mailer. However, I’m not sure how the alternate seasons would work. I’ve noticed that you have a lot on your website at the moment for summer cooking, and I realise the majority of your customers are from the northern hemisphere, but do you have anything for us down-under?


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