My #1 tip for getting your veggies during the holiday season!

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Dear Friends,

What if I told you that I know you’re going to blow it this holiday season and I’m going to give you a pass?

That’s right…I’m not going to nag you about making sure you get your veggies in, note going to harp on you about eating sugar or imbibing a bit too much at your holiday office party.

That is if you take your Just Juiced Greens!

Taking just ONE serving of Just Juiced Greens each and every day will help insure your consumption of the foods you need to get–veggies and fruit. And honestly NOT taking anything, could set you up to get sick!

Just Juiced Greens

Listen, the holidays are stressful enough with all the stuff that throws our schedules, bodies and lives for a loop. Why WOULDN’T you take something to help your body get the nutrients you need but aren’t getting?
Now is the time, too. You’ll get FRE*E shipping, now matter how many you buy!Love,

LeannePS–Take a peek at all we have going on right now–ALL of our products are free shipping but only for a short time!  Click here to get yours!

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