Naming our new protein mix

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Dear Friends,

As you may know, we have a brand new product line coming out this week–a fabulous collagen based protein, grain free fiber and a greens product (for those times you just can’t juice!) I thought I had the product aptly named and then, all you-know-what broke loose. Every member of our team hated it–Daniel our operations guy said, “How attached to the name Meat Shake are you?” We already had our labels made and everything!

Who knew everyone would hate Meat Shake? I love it, but I’m apparently the minority, very BIG minority I might add! And we found that out after you all voted on our poll. THOUSANDS of you voted by the way, thank you!  Check out some of the responses on our Facebook page:


We had some great suggestions–some were hilarious and worse than Meat Shake, some were clever but there was one that was picked heads and tails above the rest.

You wanna know what it is?


Well, unfortunately you will have to wait until Saturday when the new name is announced 🙂



PS–This Saturday we will not only reveal the new name of our protein mix, but we are also going to introduce a brand new “challenge” you will absolutely love.  Stay tuned!

PPS–Here’s a few names that we didn’t go with–No Whey (already someone else’s brand), Where’s the Beef? (remember that commercial? LOL), Beef-i-licious (I told you!) and more.

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