New product makes produce last 2-3x longer!

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Dear Friends,
Did you know we collectively throw out 40% of the produce we buy?? Isn’t that tragic? All that good food gone.
You know why? It doesn’t last long enough!!

It doesn’t have to be that way!
I’m going to show you an amazing new product that not only will help your produce last longer, it will also eliminate the odors and COOTIES (a billion bacteria are growing in your fridge right now, eek!!).

Click here to get your very own Berry Breeze now!


PS–YES, I own one of these myself. I am going to get a second one just for the produce drawer to really extend the life of my produce! It works–my fridge smells better and everything is lasting a LOT longer!!
PPS–These make great holiday gifts, so don’t delay!

3 Responses

  1. I have had Berry Breeze for 8 weeks, and now I can testify it really works. It takes 4 D batteries, no noise, can smell clean air, and produce in the drawer seems much fresher and last longer. The most visible one was the cauliflower. I purchased 2 heads to use for Thanksgiving meal and didn’t use them. I was sure to throw one out and maybe scrape black spots. Not so. Only few gray spots on the older of the two and was able to use both heads. A blueberry container lasted without any molded berries (about 10 days).

  2. What if we make our own yogurt & kefir? How might it affect their good bacteria that we want to grow and thrive in the refrigerator?

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