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Want gorgeous skin from the inside - out? Add BeautySupport to your order today! It works hand-in-hand with Over40Water to support your healthy lifestyle.

BeautySupport™ is the stuff your dreams are made from.

Using a patented process, BeautySupport™ helps naturally nourish the body’s beauty proteins: collagen, elastin, and keratin.

And collagen is the body’s main structural protein and makes up 70% of skin and gives it strength and elasticity. It also forms 30% of bone to give it the flexibility needed to withstand impact–more collagen than calcium.

Collagen fibers in the bone are the binding sites for calcium and other bone materials and is also the major component of fascia, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.

Collagen production begins decreasing by age 18 and by age 40 the decline equates to women losing 7% of skin thickness every 10 years. After menopause this loss of skin thickness and elasticity accelerates, so adequate collagen correlates with healthy skin, bones, strong hair, and nails.

In various clinical studies, the intake of BeautySupport™ resulted in significantly improved skin visco-elastic properties, a reduction in skin roughness with a 30% reduction in micro-wrinkle depth, and significant increases in thigh bone mineral density not just reduce the lost, but actually increase!

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