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Mindful Kit + Bonus

The Quote Deck

Inspirational quotes are how we start each week on The Daily Dish Show, where we are all about putting VIBRANCY back into your everyday life–


Because we are WHOLE women–not a pair of jeans with a dream size on the tag.

Not just an errand running, dinner making, caregiving, woman doing ALL the things…we’re remarkable.


And we need to LIVE that way!

The Mindful Mug

The Mindful Mug is a tool used as a touchpoint to help you to remember what you need to remember when you’re ready for a meal.

It’s a way to center yourself, breathe, think, and become aware and mindful of the meal you’re about to sit down to.

It gives you a moment of pause before sitting down to the table.

I recommend you fill it with some lovely warm bone broth and take a moment of gratitude for the meal you’re about to enjoy.

For me, it’s a moment to consider the plate itself–is there at least one thing green on my plate? How’s the portion size of the protein? Do I have everything I need to satisfy?

Then as we sit down to dinner, I’ll pace myself with my partner Mark who is a whole lot slower of an eater than I am. For whatever reason, I’ve always been a fast eater and I promise you, there’s nothing good about eating fast–it’s hard on your digestion, there’s very little enjoyment if you don’t linger over your plate and you’re more likely to keep eating past satisfied.

All of these micro-decisions are made at once with the adoption of the Mindful Mug before your meal –keeping you focused on the right things and keeping you safely away from the mindlessness that helps to put on the body clutter and feed the wrong hunger hormones!

Pair the Quote Deck with the Mindful Mug and you have the Mindful Kit you need to keep you focused on becoming the vibrant woman you desire and deserve to be!

AND when you order THIS exclusive offer you’ll receive the BONUS Purple Flowers Quote Deck!

This offer is only available from this page.

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