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When your Sprint is over, you might wonder "what's next?" This is the answer. More amazing recipes. More commitment to yourself. More deals and more momentum to help push you forward after your seven day journey!
Sprint Plus eBooks

Sprint Plus eBooks

The Answer to What’s Next…
After the Sprint, there are plenty of good results to go around.

  • Pounds lost.
  • Inches lost.
  • Appetites corrected.

But the danger is going “back out there” and doing it alone.
This is why I created the Sprint PLUS–a great way to stay on track without losing your momentum!
The Sprint PLUS is more Sprinting just like you experienced with the Hot Melt Sprint, but with MORE–

  • MORE great food–recipes galore. TWO Sprint PLUS ebooks filled with Sprint Approved recipes! When you’re eating like a Queen, you feel like a Queen.
  • MORE commitment–don’t let that freak you out; I’ve got your back. Your commitment to yourself is the highest and most inspirational form of self-care. I’ve got that for you–you’re ready for it.

Don’t lose your momentum!

Grab your Sprint PLUS–same great community, same great plan, but enhanced to help lift you to the next level of VIBRANCY!

This is a digital recipe book and will be delivered as a PDF via email after your purchase.

We will ship it out to you free in same package.

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