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Getting a handle on your time will help your Take Back Your Life! And if you really want to take back your time and your life, get the Take Back Your Life Journal TODAY and learn to set goals that are attainable.
Take Back Your Life Journal 2022

The Take Back Your Life Journal was built for you. It’s goal-setting at its best and a chance to start fresh every 90 days. See your progress, recalibrate your goals and make huge strides toward living the life you LOVE because you created it!
Your goals can massively change the direction of your life—in just 90 days.
This is your year.
You can live the life you’ve dreamed of—here is the tool you need to do so!

AND this all-in-one planner and journal is packed full of brand new features to help you:

  • Track your Vitamins and Supplements
  • Create daily and weekly gratitude’s
  • Set an intention for each day
  • Create a daily affirmation
  • Keep your Word of the Year visible
  • Plan your day with a blank daily schedule
  • Track your sleep, mood, energy, hydration, and meals
  • Journal, reflect, or doodle daily
  • Stay inspired with daily quotes
  • Set monthly Wellness Goals
  • Learn how to use your journal with pre-filled example pages

Isn’t It Time for You To Take Back Your Life?


The journal is a life changer
- Darla Tyler
LOVE my journals. Have made my journey easier and helps me stay with the process!
- Susan Willette
I I LOVE my journal and it is so pretty that it encourages me to pick it up and use it. Leanne Ely, and Amber you should be so proud!!!!!
- Jane Kinney
We will ship it out to you free in same package.

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