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Wise Women choose a wise tea. Specially formulated for Wise Women - check out what these Wise Women have to say.
Wise Women's Tea


100% organic green and black teas, plus bergamot for a full-bodied, flavorful Earl Grey type of tea.

This custom blend was made specifically for Marla and Leanne and hits all the high points:

  • Green tea for the weight loss properties
  • Black tea for the kick and flavor
  • Bergamot because we love Earl Grey tea!

Tea Time is a beloved ritual in many countries and a great time for Leanne’s Lovelies and flybabies to sit for a minute and have tea with the FlyLady every afternoon.


The best tea ever!
- Diana Killgore
YUM! And im not even a big fan of earl grey but i LOVE this tea!
- Betsy Boesch
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